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Dr Janel Fontaine

Dr Janel Fontaine
Treasure Trove Officer
Research Interests: Early medieval slave trading and its associated archaeology.

Dr Janel Fontaine is Treasure Trove Officer

Dr Janel Fontaine is Treasure Trove Officer.

Janel assists with processing finds, responding to queries, and preparing for committee meetings, while also meeting with finders at the museum and through outreach events.

Janel holds a BA in History from the University of Florida and an MA and PhD in Medieval History from King’s College London. She has worked in research-led and commercial archaeology in the UK and the Czech Republic and spent 10 years in UK Higher Education in academic and administrative roles before joining Treasure Trove in 2022.

Janel is an expert in early medieval slave trading and its associated archaeology and is enthusiastic about all things early medieval. With Treasure Trove, she hopes to develop her knowledge of trade paraphernalia from all periods and to encourage public interest in the social history stories brought to light by Treasure Trove finds.

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