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Ella Paul

Ella Paul
Assistant Curator, Renaissance and Early Modern History
Responsible for: Supporting curatorial activity across the Renaissance and Early Modern History section, with particular responsibility for assemblage material acquired through the Treasure Trove process, responding to collections-based enquiries and supervising access to the collections.
Research interests: Scottish seal matrices and personal identity; post-medieval numismatics; ships and shipwrecks.

Ella is Assistant Curator of Renaissance and Early Modern History.

Ella joined the department in May 2022, following four years working for the Treasure Trove Unit and ten months of voluntary curatorial experience with the former Department of World Cultures (now Global Arts, Cultures and Design) at National Museums Scotland. She holds an undergraduate degree in Ancient and Medieval History and an MSc in Classical Art and Archaeology from the University of Edinburgh. She has recently also completed a course in Late Medieval and Renaissance Latin delivered by the Warburg Institute.

Her current research focuses on Scottish seal matrices: what they can tell us about personal identity in late medieval and early modern Scotland, and how they fit into wider British and European narratives for the object type. She has presented at the Sigillvm/Society of Antiquaries of London conference ‘Seals and the People of Britain’ (2021) and the Euroseal conference ‘Reflections on sigillographic databases in Europe’ (2022). She also has a research interest in numismatics and has published on post-medieval coins (1603-1707) found in Scotland. Upon joining the Renaissance and Early Modern section she anticipates developing her knowledge of ships and shipwrecks and the collections relating to this theme at National Museums Scotland.

Ella is an Early Career Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and a member of the Sigillvm Network for Research.

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Savage, C. E., Freeman, E. A. & Paul, E. B. (2021), ‘A survey of Roman, medieval and post-medieval coin finds from Scotland 2011–15, PSAS 150, 163-186.

Savage, C. E., Freeman, E. A. & Paul, E. B. (forthcoming 2022), ‘A survey of Roman, medieval and post -medieval coin finds from Scotland 2016–20’.

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