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George Pew

George Prew
Treasure Trove Officer
Research Interests: The dressed body and meaning-making through decoration

George Prew is Treasure Trove Officer

George Prew is Treasure Trove Officer,

George has a BA in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History and an MPhil in Classical Archaeology from University of Oxford, and is currently working toward a PhD in Archaeology at University of Glasgow developing tools for understanding ancient communities through how they dressed their corpses.

George joined the Treasure Trove team in September 2022 and has previously worked mainly in Iron Age and Roman archaeology, but his interest in dress items and small decorative objects is extending to the Late Medieval period. He has previously undertaken digs in Tuscany, Umbria, and Wiltshire, and he is relishing the chance to focus on Scotland and to see more of the country through Treasure Trove outreach.

Iron Age gold torcs

Treasure Trove

Treasure Trove ensures that significant objects from Scotland's past are preserved in museums for public benefit.

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