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Bronze socketed axe from Ireland

Museum reference

X.DF 17



Object name

Socketed axe

Style / Culture

Bronze Age



Physical description

Bronze; round mouth with flat projecting rim; three ridges occur, one is set close to the rim; body cross-section decagonal, cutting edge well expanded and chipped

Collection place

Ireland, EUROPE


Bell Collection
Collector: Bell, John, 1793 - 1861


Eogan, G., The Socketed Bronze Axes in Ireland, Stuttgart, 2000 (= Prahistorische Bronzefunde IX, 22)

Haworth, Richard G. ‘John Bell of Dungannon 1793-1861' [Part 1], Journal of Ulster Local Studies 71 (1981), 1-7

Haworth, Richard G. ‘John Bell of Dungannon 1793-1861’ [Part 2], Journal of Ulster Local Studies 81 (1982), 10-19

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