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Contemporary wooden model of the Earl of Rosse's reflecting telescope with a three foot diameter speculum, showing the method of mounting it, made at Birr Castle, Ireland, c. 1840

Museum reference



History of Science

Object name

Telescope, Model

Production information

Birr, County Offaly, Ireland, EUROPE


c. 1840



Physical description

Wood, lead, iron, brass


Constructor of original telescope: Parsons, William, 3rd Earl of Rosse, 1800 - 1867


J.E. Burnett and A.D. Morrison-Low, Vulgar & Mechanick: the Scientific Instrument Trade in Ireland, 1650 - 1921 (Edinburgh and Dublin, 1989), pp 89-94

Lord Oxmantown, 'Account of a series of experiments on the construction of large reflecting telescopes', Edinburgh Journal of Science 2 (1830), pp 136-44

Patrick Moore, The Astronomy of Birr Castle (London, 1971)

C. Mollan, W. Davis, B. Finucane (eds.), Some People and Places in Irish Science and Technology (Dublin, 1985), pp 84-7

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