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Celestial globe, the 'New British Celestial Globe', on a four-legged wooden stand, by Thomas M. Bardin, London, 1800, retailed by J. Webb, an optician based in London's Tottenham Court Road

Museum reference



History of Science

Object name

Celestial globe

Production information

Bardin, Thomas M., 1800 - 1817 (fl.)
London, England, EUROPE




Paper, Plaster of Paris, Brass, Wood

Physical description

Engraved and hand painted paper gores, covering a plaster of Paris hollow sphere; brass meridian ring; four-legged wooden stand


Retailer: Webb, John, 1800 - 1847 (fl.)
Maskelyne, Nevil, 1732 - 1811
Herschel, Frederick William, Sir, 1738 - 1822
London (Tottenham Court Road), England, EUROPE


Millburn, John R., Rossack, Tor E., 'Bardin Globes and their Makers' in Bulletin of the Scientific Instrument Society, No. 36 (1993)

Dunn, Richard and Wallis, Helen, British Globes up to 1850: A Provisional Inventory. London: 1999, No 371

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