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Funerary papyrus of Tanuat, wife of Montsuef written in demotic and hieratic scripts on a roll of papyrus and illustrated with coloured vignettes: Ancient Egyptian, Upper Egypt, Thebes, Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, excavated by A.H. Rhind in the tomb of Montsuef, Roman Period, 9 BC

Museum reference



World Culture

Object name


Production information

Thebes, Upper Egypt, Egypt, Northern Africa


Roman Period

Style / Culture

Ancient Egyptian



Physical description


Collection place(s)

Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, Thebes, Upper Egypt, Egypt, Northern Africa


Excavator: Rhind, Alexander Henry, 1833 - 1863
Tebai, wife of Menthu-Sebau


  • The Tomb

  • Egyptian Gallery, 2003 - 2008 (2003 - 2008)
    Royal Scottish Museum

  • Ancient Egypt (29 Jul 2011)
    National Museum of Scotland


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