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Steel wire gauge with forty measures, in fitted oak case, Board of Trade standard used by the City of Edinburgh, made by Sir Joseph Whitworth and Co. Ltd of Manchester, 1884

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Industry and Commerce

Object name

Wire gauge

Production information

Sir Joseph Whitworth and Co. Ltd, Manufacturer
Manchester, Lancashire, England, EUROPE




Steel, Oak

Physical description

Steel Board of Trade standard wire gauge for the City of Edinburgh. Engraved ‘1770 / STANDARD WIRE GAUGE/ EDINBURGH’, and on the reverse ‘SIR JOSEPH WHITWORTH & CO LIMITED MANCHESTER / TRADE [mark] MARK’. Front teeped with verification marks for 1895, 1943, 1934, 1916, 1884, 1905, 1953 and 1924. The gauges are from 7º to 0, and from 0 to 33, and are circles taken out around the rim. There are two rows of plugs, one circular of 19, the other straight lines (21): each are marked along the length: ‘J. WHITWORTH & CO MANCHESTER’, with verification marks, ‘TRADE [mark] MARK’, and the size. In a fitted wooden case, with engraved label on lid ‘BOARD OF TRADE / STANDARD WIRE GAUGE / 1884 / CITY OF EDINBURGH’. Key inside box.


Board of Trade
Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, EUROPE

On display

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Science And Technology, Making It

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