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Blanket, button Blanket, button

Rectangular button blanket of blue wool with deep red borders and black stripes, with a double-headed bird motif: Canadian, British Columbia, Northwest Coast, late 19th century

Bow guard Bow guard

Bow guard, comprising a sand-cast openwork rectangular silver plaque set with single turquoise mounted on a black leather wrist strap, with two buckled straps for fastening around wrist: North America, USA, New Mexico, Navajo, c. 1940s

Necklace Necklace

Necklace of blue plastic beads imitating turquoise, 'floral' white metal beads and cylindrical and round silver beads strung on gut: North America, USA, Arizona, Grand Canyon Park, Navajo, 1992

Belt buckle Belt buckle

Flat, silver belt buckle, with hinged loop and hook-catch, the front decorated with Anasazi style geometric design in overlay technique with a mounted turquoise stone, marked 'Lomadapki': North America, USA, Arizona, Flagstaff, Hopi, by Bob Lomadapki, 1992

Rug, miniature Rug, miniature

Minature pictorial rug in coloured wool depicting a scene of two hogans, two cars, modern house, butte, hills and sky: North America, USA, Arizona, Flagstaff, Navajo, 1992

Katsina doll Katsina doll

Katsina doll or tihu, of wood, in form of a dressed dancing figure with long hair and beard holding a sword and stave, incised on bottom 'Ogre Lady Oliver Tsinnie '91': North America, USA, Arizona, Hopi Reservation, Navajo-Hopi, by Oliver Tsinnie, 1991

Doll, cradle Doll, cradle

Cradle doll with circular wood base surmounted by a roughly shaped upright figure, painted in colours, with a green-dyed feather on top of head, made for sale to tourists: North America, USA, Arizona, Keams Canyon, Hopi Reservation, by Todd Talashoama, 1992

Weaving comb Weaving comb

Weaving comb of oak with tapered handle and seven short teeth: North America, USA, Navajo, 1992

Rug, miniature Rug, miniature

Miniature rug in dark red, brown and white commercial wool yarn with vertical zigzag design in raised outline technique: North America, USA, Arizona, Chinle, Navajo, by Elonise Begay, 1992

Brooch Brooch

Brooch or pendant, comprising clusterwork turquoise inlay on a pierced circular shape, with nine flat silver pendants with oval turquoise mounts: North America, USA, New Mexico, Zuni Pueblo, Zuni, by Betty Estate, 1992

Finger ring Finger ring

Concave oval pierced finger ring, of silver, with needlepoint turquoise inlay, centre reverse engraved 'EZT': North America, USA, New Mexico, Zuni Pueblo, Zuni, by Edith Tsabetsaye, 1992

Harpoon counterweight Harpoon counterweight

Harpoon counterweight, of fossilised walrus ivory, extensively engraved: North America, USA, Alaska, Bering Strait, St Lawrence Island, Ivetok, Old Bering Sea II Inuit, c. 100 - 300 AD

Ulu Ulu

Woman's knife handle, or ulu, of walrus ivory, in the shape of a polar bear and extensively engraved: North America, USA, Alaska, Bering Strait, St Lawrence Island, Gambell, Old Bering Sea III, c. 300 - 500 AD

Drum handle Drum handle

Drum handle of walrus ivory, extensively engraved, and lacking a small piece: St. Lawrence Island, Bering Strait, Alaska, USA, North America, Inuit, Punuk style, c.100 - 300 AD

Necklace Necklace

Necklace of gold, consisting of eleven graduated pendants in the form of stylised birds, with prominent eyes and three pendants in the form of stylised human beings, alternating with fifteen heavy gold foil globular beads: South America, Colombia, from a grave near Bogota, Quimbaya, 11th - 16th century

Figure Figure

Ceramic figure of a standing figure, probably male, in light red pottery: South America, Colombia, Quimbaya, probably 13th–15th century

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