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Red Crossbill Red Crossbill

Loxia curvirostra, crossbill, male

Nightingale Nightingale

Prepared skin of nightingale Erithacus megarhynchos (Brehm), collected 30 October 1971, Fair Isle

Emperor Penguin Emperor Penguin

Aptenodytes forsteri, Lat 64o 13' S. Long. 55o 52' W., 1892

Amazonian Umbrellabird Amazonian Umbrellabird

Cephalopterus ornatus Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1809, Amazonian umbrellabird

Great auk Great auk

Mounted Alca impennis

Pink-headed Duck Pink-headed Duck

Rhodonessa caryophyllacea (Latham), pink-headed duck, male

Squacco heron Squacco heron

Ardea cornata, Dalmahoy, Ratho

King of Saxony Bird-of-paradise King of Saxony Bird-of-paradise

Pteridophora alberti, King of Saxony's bird of paradise, male, Dutch New Guinea

Bengal Florican Bengal Florican

Houbaropsis bengalensis (Gmelin, 1789), Bengal florican

Arctic Skua Arctic Skua

Skin of Stercorarius parasiticus, Hudson's Bay Territory

Arctic Skua Arctic Skua

Skin of Stercorarius parasiticus, Petchora

White-faced Storm-petrel White-faced Storm-petrel

Pelagodroma marina, West side of Colonsay, 1897

Terek sandpiper Terek sandpiper

Skin of Terekia cinerea, Cholmogory, 1872

Eskimo Curlew Eskimo Curlew

Numenius borealis (J.R. Forster, 1772), Eskimo curlew, female, Barbados, 1888

Arctic Skua Arctic Skua

Stercorarius parasiticus, Kane Valley 82o [degrees] 33' N

Arctic Skua Arctic Skua

Skin of Stercorarius parasiticus, Floeberg Beach, 1876

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