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Ballan wrasse Ballan wrasse

Labrus maculatus, Ballan wrasse, cast

Angelshark Angelshark

Plaster cast of monkfish (Rhina squatina), North Sea, 1913

Grey skate Grey skate

Dipturus batis, grey skate, female, cast, taken in Ballick Bay, Great Cumbrae, 1929

Sail-fish Sail-fish

Istiophorus americanus, sail-fish, cast, taken 8 miles south-south-east of Miami, Florida, USA, 1943

Humpbacked salmon Humpbacked salmon

Oncorhynchus gorbuscha (Walbaum, 1792), humpbacked or pink salmon, male, cast of a specimen from Stromness Voe, near Whiteness, Shetland, 1967

Porbeagle shark Porbeagle shark

Lamna cornubica (Gmelin), Porbeagle shark, male, cast incorporating real jaws and teeth

Atlantic salmon Atlantic salmon

Salmo salar, salmon, Firth of Tay, 1871

Coelacanth Coelacanth

Latimeria chalumnae, coelacanth, cast of a specimen Smith caught in open sea 1km off Vanamboini, Grande Comore, Comoros, Indian Ocean, 24 March 1969

Zanclus Zanclus

Zanclus sp., Moorish idol

Painted triggerfish Painted triggerfish

Rhinecanthus aculeatus, Painted triggerfish

Viviparous blenny Viviparous blenny

Zoarces viviparus (Linnaeus, 1758), eelpout, female, dissected to show embryos

Lesser-spotted dogfish Lesser-spotted dogfish

Scyliorhinus canicula, lesser-spotted dogfish

Fangtooth Fangtooth

Anoplogaster cornuta, Fangtooth

Anglerfish Anglerfish

Caulophyrene jordani, anglerfish

Greater spotted dogfish Greater spotted dogfish

Scyliorhinus stellaris, greater spotted dogfish, cast

Cuckoo ray Cuckoo ray

Raja naevus, cuckoo ray, cast

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