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Yangtze river dolphin Yangtze river dolphin

Lipotes vexillifer Miller, 1918, Chinese river dolphin, cast

Beluga Beluga

Delphinapterus leucas (Pallas), beluga whale, cast

Steller's sea cow Steller's sea cow

Hydrodamalis gigas (Zimmermann), Steller's sea cow, model

Red deer Red deer

Red deer, Cervus elaphus Linn. 1758, antlers and part skull, Meadows, Edinburgh

White-beaked dolphin White-beaked dolphin

Lagenorhynchus albirostris (Gray, 1846), white-beaked dolphin, cast

Hand axe Hand axe

One hand axe from Wiltshire

Canadian lynx Canadian lynx

Lynx canadensis Kerr, Canadian lynx

Iberian lynx Iberian lynx

Lynx pardinus (Temminck), Iberian lynx, adult male, first trapped 8 december 1989 for radio-tracking, Doňana National Park, Spain, found dead 20 February 2002

Mole Mole

Talpa europaea (Linnaeus), mole, right skeletal forelimb

Fruit bat Fruit bat

Pteropus sp., fruit bat, right skeletal forlimb (wing)

Thylacine Thylacine

Thylacinus cynocephalus, Thylacine, male, mount

African elephant African elephant

Loxodonta africana (Blumenbach), African elephant, skull and mandible, bilaterally sectioned, left side with tusk present

Quagga Quagga

Equus quagga Boddaert, quagga, mount

Lion-tailed macaque Lion-tailed macaque

Macaca silenus (Linnaeus), lion-tailed macaque, mount

Melursus malayanus Melursus malayanus

Stuffed of Ursus malayanus

Sumatran rhinoceros Sumatran rhinoceros

Dicerorhinus sumatrensis, Sumatran rhinoceros, mount, subadult male, Dindings, West Malaya, c. 1900

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