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Boat, auxiliary power Boat, auxiliary power

One of a collection of agricultural models and implements, etc. - model auxiliary power paddleboat, for horse or manual power, made by Admiral Sir David Milne, to a scale of 1:12

Boat / model Boat / model

Model of a boat with appurtenances from Thorshavn, Faroe Islands

Traverse table / page / electrotype Traverse table / page / electrotype

Page of Lieutenant Colonel Shortrede's traverse table, electrotyped by W. Blackwood and Sons

Frigate, screw / model Frigate, screw / model

Model of iron armour-clad screw frigates, Osman Ghazy Abdul-aziz and Orkhan, built by R. Napier and Sons of Govan in 1864, scale 1/4 inch to 1 foot

Ship, war / model Ship, war / model

Model of the partially armed cruiser "Northampton", used for the protection of commerce against unarmoured ships, built in 1876, scale 1/8 inch to 1 foot

Engine, ship / model Engine, ship / model

Model of the engines made by Messrs Elder and Co. of Glasgow, for the ocean steamers "Zealandia" and "Australia", scale 1 1/2 inches to 1 foot, made from drawings lent by Messrs Elder and Co.

Warship / model Warship / model

Model of a fully rigged Man-of-War of c. 1807

Model / ship, merchant Model / ship, merchant

D'Bataviase Eeuw (The Batavian Century), model (scale 1:27) of a Dutch East Indiaman merchant ship, probably made to celebrate the centenary of Batavia (Jakarta) founded by the Dutch East India Company (Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie) in 1619, model made about 1719

Screw shaft stern tube / model Screw shaft stern tube / model

Sectional model of stern tube of S.S. Nerbudda showing bushes for screw shaft, scale 3:24, made in the Museum workshop in 1886

Ship, dredger / model / sectional Ship, dredger / model / sectional

Sectional model of the hopper dredger, "Manchester", built by Messrs Simons and Co. of Renfrew in 1890, scale 1:24, made in the museum workshop in 1895

Octant Octant

Octant (reflecting quadrant) for observing at sea, of ebony and brass, in a wooden box, made by Crichton of London, last used by Alexander McKay, master of the ship "Sydney" of Glasgow, sailing from Leith to Demerara in 1864

Steamship engine Steamship engine

Sectional models of the engines of SS. 'Zealandia' and 'Australia', to a scale of 1 1/2 inches to 1 foot, made in the Museum workshop from drawings given by Messrs Elder and Co., Glasgow, 1898

Ship / model Ship / model

Model of a full-rigged ship made at Melrose by a French prisoner during the Napoleonic Wars

Starting engine / paddle engine / model Starting engine / paddle engine / model

Model of a starting engine for paddle engines

Paddle engine, compound diagonal / model Paddle engine, compound diagonal / model

Working model of compound diagonal paddle engine, fitted with portion of boat hull, made in the museum in 1905

Thrust block / model Thrust block / model

Model of a thrust block with twelve collars made for the turbine steamship Osterley, made to a scale of 1:8

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