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Baton, commemorative / top Baton, commemorative / top

Silver commemorative baton top finished in an openwork three-strap crown containing a sphere of cut and polished agate, by Laings Ltd, Edinburgh, 1986

Brooch, annular Brooch, annular

Annular brooch of silver, mid 19th version of the Hunterston brooch, set with citrines, agate, bloodstone and jasper

Brooch, dirk Brooch, dirk

Silver dirk brooch set with bloodstone, jasper and agate, the moss agate on the sheath from Burn Anne, Ayrshire, with a registry mark for 16 July 1858

Snuffbox Snuffbox

Gold D-shaped snuffbox with lid and base set with agates, the underside of the lid engraved "Presented by Peter 1st Czar of Russia to his first physician Dr Robert Areskine, The Hague, 1716"

Piece / agate Piece / agate

Piece of agate in a rough state, from Talnotrie

Bead Bead

Bead, from Cloister Seat, Udny, Aberdeenshire

Brooch Brooch

'The Union Brooch', gold set with Scotch pebbles, in the form of a garter set with two shields surmounted by a crown, by Peter MacGregor Westren, Edinburgh 1893

Quartz, variety agate Quartz, variety agate

Quartz, variety agate - a dark blue-grey and grey fortification banded slice - polished and mounted as a silver brooch - from Blue Hole, Usan, Scurdie Ness, Montrose, Angus

Finger ring / stand Finger ring / stand

"Ring Set for 'Woman Sitting in a Window'”, set of fifteen finger rings on a nickel alloy stand: British, London, by Wendy Ramshaw, 1987 - 1989

Inro Inro

Inro or medicine case of gold lacquered wood, with four compartments, depicting the Seven Gods of Good Fortune in takamakie, and a nashiji interior, with an agate ojime: Japan, by Koma Kansai, 18th - 19th century

Inro Inro

Inro with four compartments, of lacquered wood decorated Shibayama style in mother-of-pearl, steatite, jadeite and tortoiseshell with a cockatiel on a branch, suspended from a stirrup-shaped netsuke of bronze, and held by an ojime of agate: Japan, 19th century

Netsuke Netsuke

Netsuke of agate, a boy reclining on a leaf, unsigned: Japan, 19th century

Vase Vase

Vase of agate, flat and straight-sided with ring handles, with four cranes and a lotus plant on one side and a spray of wild prunes on the other: China

Vase cover Vase cover

Vase cover of agate, for a carved agate vase with ring handles: China

Brush washer Brush washer

Brush washer of quartz, carved in the form of a lotus leaf and flowers, with a frog perched at one end and a bird at the other: China, 19th century AD

Brush washer Brush washer

Bowl of agate with reddish brown markings, shallow with underside carved with branch of sacred fungus (lingzhi) in bold relief: China, 18th century

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