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Crucifix Crucifix

Part of a bone crucifix dug up in a garden at Kirkton of Craig, Montrose, Angus, 15th century

Crosier / handle / part Crosier / handle / part

Bone handle, probably of a crosier, found with the bones of William, first Bishop of Orkney, 1102 - 1167, in St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall, mid 12th century AD

Dagger Dagger

Dagger with bone handle and grooved blade, from Sheriffmuir

Meerschaum pipe Meerschaum pipe

Silver-mounted meerschaum pipe, the stem consisting of alternate rings of reeded and plain ivory or bone, said to have belonged to Prince Charles Edward Stewart

Tableman / playing piece Tableman / playing piece

Tablemen of bone ornamented with the figure of a rabbit, found in the ruins of the Bishop's Palace, Kirkwall, 11th to 12th century

Playing piece Playing piece

Playing piece made of cetacean bone, found in a cave on the east side of the island of Rhum, Inverness-shire

Gaming counter Gaming counter

Carved bone playing counter depicting a crowned mermaid holding a fish in her right hand and her own tail in her left, 15th or 16th century, found during work near the Chapter House, Iona

Umbrella Umbrella

Green silk umbrella with wooden stays, a brass frame and a bone handle on which is inscribed JANET WATSON

Highland bagpipe Highland bagpipe

Highland bagpipe with a chanter, blow-pipe and three drones, decorated with bone insets owned by the Macdonalds of Islay and long in the possession of the MacIndeors or Dewars, hereditary pipers to the Macdonalds of Islay

Bass drone joint Bass drone joint

Bass drone top joint, bone mounted, split and bound, lae 18th or early 19th century

Bass drone joint Bass drone joint

Bass drone top joint, bone mounted, with the combing worn almost smooth, late 18th or early 19th century

Sword, shortsword Sword, shortsword

Shortsword with a brass guard and bone handle

Lowland bagpipe Lowland bagpipe

Set of bellows-blown Lowland bagpipes, with three drones mounted in a common stock and mounted with horn and bone, which belonged to a Peeblesshire family

Highland bagpipe Highland bagpipe

Set of Highland bagpipes with three drones and a chanter of laburnum and cherry wood with bone and horn mounts, probably made for a child, possibly Perth, c. 1830

Small pipes bagpipe Small pipes bagpipe

Set of small pipes with three drones set in a common stock, made of laburnum and fruitwood mounted with sea ivory, and having a fringed green wool cover, formerly belonged to a Sutherland family, late 18th century

Chanter Chanter

Pastoral pipe chanter of dark wood with a bone sole, having one sound hole and a detachable foot joint, Scottish, 18th century

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