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Rail / length Rail / length

Length of cast iron fish-bellied rail from the Elgin Tram Way, constructed between Dunfermline and Charlestown, one of a collection of specimens illustrating the early history of railway permanent way in Scotland

Phonograph, Edison Phonograph, Edison

Edison foil phonograph with large flywheel, cast iron base, adjustable diaphragm and steel point for recording sound, cost 10 guineas in 1878, by the London Stereoscopic Company, England, c. 1878

Elevator drive Elevator drive

Elevator drive, shunt-wound electric motor with worm and worm-wheel, mounted on a cast iron bedplate, by Ernest Scott and Mountain Close Works of Newcastle upon Tyne, c. 1890

Seismograph, Milne / pendulum, horizontal Seismograph, Milne / pendulum, horizontal

One of two parts of a Milne seismograph by R.W. Munro, London - a horizontal pendulum having a cast iron vertical column on which is pivoted a boom, etc, various parts of the instrument lacking

Sewing machine head Sewing machine head

Sewing machine head, swing-needle type 32.1 by Singer, 1897

Sewing machine Sewing machine

Shakespear Rand lock-stitch sewing machine with a wooden carrying box, by the Royal Sewing Machine Company, Small Heath, Birmingham, c. 1870 - c. 1888

Printing press Printing press

Columbian printing press of cast iron, designed by George E. Clymer around 1812 to print newspapers, named after Columbia, the female personification of America, with large counter weight in the shape of the American eagle, bought from D. and J. Greig by the museum for use in its own print shop and used until 1964, made by D. and J. Greig of Edinburgh, c. 1865

Hand operated chain stitch sewing machine Hand operated chain stitch sewing machine

Hand-operated chain stitch type sewing machine, serial number 29802 , mounted on a cast iron base with gold line decoration, made by the Singer Manufacturing Co.

Electric radiator, domestic Electric radiator, domestic

Domestic electric radiator, cast iron top with inset boiling ring, two front elements and cast iron base, made by Belling and Co. of London, 20th century

Table engine Table engine

Model stationary steam engine, pre 1856, with a single vertical cylinder on a cast iron 'table', made by C.A. Deane of London, and restored by the Royal Scottish Museum Workshop in 1966

Phonograph Phonograph

Replica of Edison's first tinfoil phonograph of 1877, made by the Royal Scottish Museum Workshop, Edinburgh, 1976

Domestic sewing machine Domestic sewing machine

Domestic, lockstitch treadle sewing machine with boat shuttle, the head is decoated with floral transfers, by the Howe Machine Co., Ltd, Bridgeton, Glasgow

Printing press, rotary Printing press, rotary

Rotary printing press, mounted on a wooden base with cast-iron columns, invented by Thomas Nelson Jr. of Edinburgh, 1850, and exhibited at the Great Exhibition, London, 1851

Artificial horizon, roof, mercury Artificial horizon, roof, mercury

Artificial horizon, mercury roof horizon, ordnance pattern, of black-painted brass and iron with mercury tray and bottle, in fitted wooden box, signed and made by Patrick Adie of London, c. 1860

Artificial horizon, roof, mercury Artificial horizon, roof, mercury

Artificial horizon, mercury roof horizon, rectangular black-lacquered cast iron trough with pouring hole and brass-framed roof-shaped cover, iron bottle and iron funnel, in fitted wooden carrying box, signed and made by Troughton and Simms of London, c. 1860

Head rest Head rest

Head rest for photographic studio use, in cast iron on a flat tripod base, by Harvey Reynolds & Co., Leeds, c. 1860

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