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Weaving comb Weaving comb

Long-handled weaving comb of cetacean bone, from Kettleburn, Caithness

Inscribed disc Inscribed disc

Whalebone disc, with pseudo-ogham, and two perforations, from Foshigarry, North Uist, 400 - 800 AD

Mirror / handle Mirror / handle

Handle of cetacean bone for a bronze mirror, a copy of a Lochlee bronze handle, from Bac Mhic Connain, North Uist, 0 - 200 AD

Knife handle Knife handle

Ogham-inscribed knife handle of cetacean bone with remains of an iron tang, from Bac Mhic Connain, North Uist, 400 - 800 AD

Weaving comb Weaving comb

Long-handled weaving comb, from Galson, Lewis

Fragment Fragment

Whalebone fragment roughed out and marked out for cutting into circle, from Freswick Links, Caithness, 950 - 1100 AD

Plaque Plaque

Decorated whalebone plaque from a grave mound at Kingscross Point, Arran, 850 - 900 AD

Cetacean bone hammer Cetacean bone hammer

Hammer of cetacean bone, from Knap of Howar, Papa Westray, Orkney, Early Neolithic, c.3600-3200 cal BC

Scrimshaw Scrimshaw

Physeter macrocephalus, sperm whale, lower jaw with scrimshaw engraving depicting both the sperm whale and the sailing ship Woodlark and its boats capturing it off the Banda Islands, Banda Sea, Indonesia, 7 April 1843.

Mount Mount

Perforated mount, rectangular, cetacean bone, with perforations at either end, one broken, and series of ogam-like incised marks, Broch of Gurness, Aikerness, Orkney

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