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Stocking Stocking

Pair of stockings or hose of cloth, from Barrock, Wick, Caithness, Scotland

Coat Coat

Collarless coat of khaki brown cloth, found at Gunnister, Shetland, late 17th century

Cable, telegraph / piece Cable, telegraph / piece

One of two pieces of telegraph cable with a stranded copper core insulated with gutta percha, covered with tape and armoured with hemp rope

Loom, hand weaving Loom, hand weaving

Hand weaving loom, weaving a length of Hunting Stewart tartan

Telephone line switch, Keith Telephone line switch, Keith

Keith line switch, smaller section, part of group of Keith line switches with master switch from original Strowger automatic telephone equipment at the Official Switch Exchange, London, 1912 - 1939

Belt Belt

Woven nettle fibre belt decorated with coloured cloth and blue glass beads, carrying seal and sharksin pouches, antler tip and two knives: Sakhalin, Ainu, 19th century

Damaru / hand drum, lama's Damaru / hand drum, lama's

Damaru or lama's hand drum made of two hemispheres of coconut shell covered with human(?) skin, with attached beaters of cloth, used for summoning demons in Tantric ritual: Tibet

Bum-pa Bum-pa

Bum-pa (ritual ewer) of copper, with broad silver rim and spout emerging from the head of a makara (water monster), wrapped in multi-coloured textile apron, used in rituals to contain consecrated water and a peacock-feather sprinkler: Tibet, late 19th century to early 20th century AD

Bottle, holy water Bottle, holy water

Holy water bottle enclosed in a bag of red cloth, with metal mounted cork stopper and a girdle stick attached by two cords joined by a brass ring, ordinary ritual: China, Qinghai, Xining, Kumbum Monastery, Tibetan

Chopstick case / needle case Chopstick case / needle case

Chopstick case of wood enclosed in pierced brass, with an embroidered cloth needle-case and tassel attached, from a chopstick set, personal use: Tibetan, Karo La, found after the action of 6 May 1904

Necklet, woman's Necklet, woman's

Woman's necklet of woollen braid with pendant square charm-packets of cloth, and shells suspended by strings of beads, worn by a nun, personal use: Tibet

Thangka Thangka

Thangka or temple painting in colours on prepared cloth, depicting Buddha seated cross-legged on a lotus throne surrounded by smaller figures of other Lamaist deities: Tibet, obtained by the donor on the Tibet Mission, 1903 - 1904

Thangka Thangka

Thangka showing a Garuda figure with the head of Yamantaka, painted in bright colours on cloth with a brocade mount, framed and glazed: Tibet or Nepal, 19th century

Pagor Pagor

Pagor (headdress) consisting of cane and red cloth loops decorated with turquoise, coral and strings of pearl-like glass beads, and with two attached human hair plaits, style of headdress worn by women in southern Tibet, part of a woman's outfit held in place with cords and hooks: Tibet, 19th century AD

Robe Robe

Robe of deep red cloth with long sleeves, part of woman's outfit: Tibet, 19th century AD

Shirt Shirt

Shirt of red flannel cloth with long sleeves (typically folded back over an outer robe), part of woman's outfit: Tibet, 19th century

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