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Coat, man's / suit Coat, man's / suit

Man's coat of brown corded silk, with large cuffs made from brocaded fabric in silk and metal thread, featuring a floral pattern in shades of green, blue, pink and silver on a light blue ground. The skirts are padded with wadding and the buttons are covered with metallic thread part of a suit, British, c. 1735.

Waistcoat, man's / suit Waistcoat, man's / suit

Man's waistcoat of pale blue corded silk, brocaded in coloured silk in shades of green, blue and pink and silver thread with a large exotic flower design, part of a suit. British, c. 1735.

Bodice / dress, woman's Bodice / dress, woman's

Bodice of pale pinkish-beige-grey wool of twill weave and grey corded silk, embroidered with threads, sequins and beads, part of a woman's dress: English, London, by Madame Laborde, 1889

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