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Knitting basket Knitting basket

Work basket or knitting basket of straw and cotton string: British, Orkney

Dress Dress

Cotton dress in an abstract multicoloured print, with a label reading LIBERTY & C LTD / REGENT ST, LONDON / 36

Handkerchief Handkerchief

Cream cotton handkerchief printed with pictures of George V and other monarchs, politicians and military leaders of the allied nations, marked 'A Souvenir of the Great War'

Bustle Bustle

Woman's hooped bustle or crinolette, in cotton with a narrow black and white stripe, fastening at centre front waist with front panel cut away towards back, centre back with internal metal hoops forming a tube, adjusted by internal lacing and ties: British, c. 1870

Dress Dress

Woman's dress, in yellow cotton printed in dark brown with an abstract design formed from clusters of rectangular shapes with small rectangular dashes between, with low wide neckline trimmed with pleats, full-length sleeves, fitted bodice and full ankle length skirt pleated into waist, lined with cotton, part of an ensemble with matching shoulder cape H.NAA 3.2: probably British, c. 1830

Bodice Bodice

Bodice of a woman's dress, in brown and blue shot silk, with a high round neckline, fastening centre front with seven blue and gold buttons, fitted with skirted section extending over the hip,a flat frill around front and back in the form of a shoulder cape, full-length sleeves, frill, hem and cuffs trimmed with grey-brown silk fringe, lined with cotton, part of an ensemble with H.TM 142 B: British, c. 1860 - 1863

Coat, man's frock Coat, man's frock

Man's double-breasted frock coat of fine black cloth, partly lined with cotton: British, c.1840

Trousers, man's Trousers, man's

Pair of man's trousers in black wool cloth, part of an evening suit H.TI 23 A-C, high waistline, shaped with a notch at centre back and with black buttons for attaching braces, side of legs trimmed with a narrow vertical band of black silk (?), with in-seam pockets at each side, and jet pocket with single button fastening at wearer's back right, made by Marshall and Aitken, Edinburgh for Mr J.R. Jamieson

Electric lamp, incandescent / manufacture Electric lamp, incandescent / manufacture

Cotton base of a filament, one of set of specimens illustrating manufacture of incandescent electric lamps, by Edison and Swan Electric Light Co., c. 1900

Cable, telegraph Cable, telegraph

Telegraph cable

Thermometer, clinical / replica Thermometer, clinical / replica

Replica of clinical thermometer, frog-shaped of glass with liquid and coloured beads inside, original by the Accademia del Cimento of Florence in 17th century, replica made 20th century

Blanket, button Blanket, button

Rectangular button blanket of blue wool with deep red borders and black stripes, with a double-headed bird motif: Canadian, British Columbia, Northwest Coast, late 19th century

Banner, processional Banner, processional

Processional Suffragette banner, double-sided with three white compartments edged with red ribbon on a black background, for the Northern Men's Federation of Women's Suffrage, Edinburgh: by Maude Arncliffe-Sennet of the Suffrage Atelier, 1914

Hanging, ceremonial Hanging, ceremonial

Embroidered ceremonial hanging (Palepai) depicting a ship, silk on cotton with tapestry weave end sections: Asia, South East Asia, Indonesia, Sumatra, Lampung, mid 19th century

Cotton, furnishing / length Cotton, furnishing / length

Short loom width of unused furnishing cotton with a design by Eric Ravilious consisting of vignettes connected with the Garden: Scottish, Edinburgh, produced by the Edinburgh Weavers, c. 1938

Carpet Carpet

Knotted wool pile carpet with a flowering tree in centre reserved against a navy blue ground within a pointed arch, the tree with slender trunk and curving branches bearing hanging clusters of lilac-like blue, red and orange flowers: Iran, Qum, c. 1960

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