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Katsina doll Katsina doll

Katsina doll (tihu), Ho'ote, messenger to the rain gods, of cotton wood, painted white, black, light blue, red, yellow and green, with feather head-dress decoration: North America, USA, Arizona, Hopi, late 19th - early 20th century

Mask, dance Mask, dance

Mask of carved and painted cottonwood, worn in the dances of the Gelede society: West Africa, Nigeria, Yoruba people

Mask Mask

Mask of carved and painted cottonwood, in form of a head with face coloured dull red and dark blue headdress: West Africa, Nigeria, Western State, Yoruba People, Gelede Society

Mask Mask

Okuyi mask of cottonwood with high incised coiffure painted black, lips and keloid marks on forehead and temples painted red, and face washed with kaolin, representing the spirit world: Africa, Central Africa, Gabon, Balumbo people

Harp Harp

Harp or ngombi, of pale cottonwood with hollow boat-shaped body, covered on top with skin fastened with wooden pins, with rising curved arm with eight tuning-pegs and gut strings, and carved human head on the headstock: Africa, Central Africa, Gabon, late 19th century

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