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Coherer Coherer

Lodge point contact coherer, an early form of coherer made of two brass rods in light contact, mounted on a glass insulating rod on a rectangular wooden base, developed two years after Heinrich Hertz demonstrated transmission using radio waves, used by Sir Olver Lodge, maker unknown, England, c. 1890

Telephone line switch, Keith Telephone line switch, Keith

Keith line switch, smaller section, part of group of Keith line switches with master switch from original Strowger automatic telephone equipment at the Official Switch Exchange, London, 1912 - 1939

Glider Glider

Slingsby 'Gull' 1 single-seater glider made by Slingsby Sailplanes of Yorkshire about 1938 and containing parts of the first cross-channel glider flown by Mr G.H. Stephenson

Monoplane Monoplane

de Havilland Puss Moth, high-wing cabin monoplane, with a single de Havilland Gipsy Major engine, built in 1930

Biplane Biplane

Biplane six-seater airliner of wood and fabric construction, Dragon, built in 1942 by de Havilland in Sydney, Australia

Slide rule Slide rule

Aristo Multi Rietz' slide rule, numbered 929, in original box, made by Aristo, made in Germany, mid 20th century

Glider Glider

Schleicher Rhonlerche II glider, a German two-seat training glider built in 1956

Tray Tray

Circular tray of red lacquered wood, with sides embellished with two bands of chrysanthemum petals, tall fluted footring, and with inscription on base, with storage box: China, Northern Song Dynasty, 960 - 1126

Hat Hat

Hat, of conoidal shape with flat top, woven from fir root fibres, with chinstrap of coarse red fabric, painted externally in black, red and pale blue, with a crest design representing a bear: North America, Canada, British Columbia, Haida Gwaii, Haida, Charles and Isabella Edenshaw, after 1873-1920

Card, Christmas Card, Christmas

Christmas card with a snowflake design in beads and sequins on a blue-green fabric with a shocking pink fabric border: British, by Mahala B. Andrews, 1968

Shoe, man's / giveh Shoe, man's / giveh

One of a pair of man's white crotchet shoes or 'giveh' with a black tyre rubber sole: Middle East, Iran, Bakhtiari, 1969

Shoe, man's / giveh Shoe, man's / giveh

One of a pair of man's white crotchet shoes or 'giveh' with a black tyre rubber sole: Middle East, Iran, Bakhtiari, 1969

Nécessaire de voyage Nécessaire de voyage

Pin-cushion of ebony, fabric and card from the nécessaire de voyage or travelling service assembled by Martin-Guillaume Biennais for Napoleon's sister, the Princess Pauline Borghese, possibly at the time of her marriage to Prince Camillo Borghese in 1803: French, Paris, c. 1803, bequeathed to Alexander, 10th Duke of Hamilton, in 1825

Ship / warship / ketch / case Ship / warship / ketch / case

Models of a full-rigged warship of the Napoleonic period and a ketch, both in a mirror-backed glass case

Powder compact / souvenir Powder compact / souvenir

Souvenir powder compact of metal decorated in enamels with an artist's impression of the Trylon and Perisphere, inscribed 'New York World's Fair': English, stamped 'Gwenda', c. 1939

Coffin Coffin

Miniature black wooden coffin, containing a moveable shrouded skeleton, the lid with painted white swirls and inscription 'Solos contra el destino', made for the Mexican Day of the Dead festival: North America, Mexico, Mexico City, 1999

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