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Spike fiddle Spike fiddle

Spike fiddle or mesenqo, with wooden box covered with skin, wooden neck and single string: Africa, Eastern Africa, Ethiopia, Gondar, 19th century

Helmet mask Helmet mask

Helmet mask of blackened wood, stylized face with two fat rings around neck, surmounted by elaborate hairstyle incorporating two horns and bird, with fibre fringe attached, worn by members of the Bundu: West Africa, Sierra Leone, Mende people, 19th century

Dance paddle Dance paddle

Dance paddle of incised and painted wood with fibre tufts at the edges: Micronesia, Caroline Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Chuuk State, Nomoi Islands, mid - late 19th century

Fish-hook Fish-hook

Fish-hook of possible human bone with a lure of plant fibre bound with cordage to a shank of stalactite: Micronesian, Republic of Kiribati, Banaba (Ocean) Island, early 19th century

Fish-hook Fish-hook

Fish-hook, barb of turtle shell lashed on bone shank backed with pearl shell, lure of fibre tuft, with part of stout plaited line attached, collected by Captain Cook on last voyage: Pacific Peoples, Tonga, 1776 - 1779

Headdress Headdress

Masquerade headdress of a female head, carved wood covered with skin, with lead eyes, plaited fibre hair, and basketwork neck: Africa, West Africa, Nigeria or Cameroon, probably Cross River, Ekoi, late 19th century

Waist fringe Waist fringe

Waist fringe of land shells, sometimes worn in dances in Fiji: Pacific Peoples, Fiji

Necklace Necklace

Necklace of dark brown snake vertebrae bone strung on fibre: Pacific Peoples, Fiji

Basket Basket

One of two small baskets, this one rectangular and of plain woven plant material: Pacific Peoples, Fiji

Adze Adze

Adze, stone blade bound to wooden haft with fibrous cord: Pacific Peoples, Fiji

Arm ornament Arm ornament

Arm or leg dance ornament of shells attached to a fibre base: Polynesia, Hawaiian Islands, 18th century

Face mask Face mask

Face mask of carved reddened wood, with lengths of small cylindical beads representing hair, worn during performances at boys' initiation ceremonies: Central Africa, Angola, Tchokwe people, early 20th century

Harp Harp

Hollow wooden bodied bow harp covered with animal hide, the hardwood neck fitted with five pegs for strings: Africa, Central Africa, Nilotic Sudan, Azande people

Dance rattle Dance rattle

Dance rattle made from globular fruits of Oncoba spinosa, or snuff box tree, threaded together and arranged in seven rows of four, attached to a cloth roll at top and bottom: Africa, Central Eastern Africa, Rwanda, late 19th century

Necklet Necklet

Wooden necklet strung on fibre: South Africa

Anklet Anklet

One of a pair of anklets consisting of spherical seed pods strung on twine, with rattling objects inside, probably seeds, worn around the ankles during dancing: Africa, Malawi

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