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Pistol, snaphance Pistol, snaphance

Right hand pistol with a snaphance lock with brass lock plate, fruit wood stock with lemon-shaped butt and brass barrel, signed RM on the lock plate, possibly for Robert Mosman, Canongate, Edinburgh, 1625

Small pipes bagpipe Small pipes bagpipe

Set of small pipes with three drones set in a common stock, made of laburnum and fruitwood mounted with sea ivory, and having a fringed green wool cover, formerly belonged to a Sutherland family, late 18th century

Practice chanter Practice chanter

Miniature practice chanter made from fruitwood with a brass mount at the chanter top and a metal mount below the ivory sole, made by Alexander Glen, Edinburgh, 19th century

Coffee pot Coffee pot

Silver coffee-pot with a round stepped low foot beneath a tall, tapering body and a slightly domed, muffin-shaped cover with acorn finial, by Edward Lothian, Edinburgh, 1749 - 1750

Small pipes bagpipe Small pipes bagpipe

Set of small pipes or chamber bagpipe of cocus wood or fruitwood, ivory mounted, with chanter and three drones in single stock, made by Donald MacDonald, Edinburgh, c. 1815

Bass drone Bass drone

Bass and baritone drones from a set of Scottish small-pipes made of fruitwood and mounted with ivory, Scottish, late 18th or early 19th century

Double chanter Double chanter

Double chanter for a set of small-pipes or a practice chanter, made of fruitwood and mounted with an ivory sole and having fingerholes and thumbholes set in pairs and the wall of the chanter has been made in two pieces set flush together and strengthened with three metal bands, Scottish, early 19th century

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