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Axe-hammer Axe-hammer

Perforated axe hammer of greywacke with fluted edges, from Garnaburn Farm, Ayrshire, 1900 - 1600 BC

Battle axe Battle axe

Large stone battle axe of greywacke, boat-shaped with squared-off butt, from Govanhill, Lanarkshire

Battle axe Battle axe

Fragment of a stone battle axe made from a natural pebble of coarse greywacke, broken across perforation, from Longforth Farm, Wigtownshire

Slab Slab

Sculptured slab of greywacke from Craignarget, Glenluce, Wigtownshire

Statuette / dignitary Statuette / dignitary

Greywacke statuette of a seated official named Senusret, seated upon a block seat, wearing a cloak with crossed arms, inscribed on one side with a hieroglyphic inscriptuion: Ancient Egyptian, Upper Egypt, possibly Abydos, Middle Kingdom, c.2025 - 1700 BC

Statue / man Statue / man

Greywacke standing statue of a man named Mesehi (?) with a shaved head, wearing a long pleated kilt with a weft-fringe: Ancient Egyptian, Middle Kingdom, 13th Dynasty, c.1855 - 1650 BC

Statue / man / part Statue / man / part

Upper part of a greywacke statue of a seated man wearing a long wig with lappets: Ancient Egyptian, Middle Kingdom, 12th Dynasty, c.1922 - 1855 BC

Naos Naos

Fragment of a votive shrine (Naos) of metabasalt or metadolerite, probably for containing the statuette of a falcon: Ancient Egyptian, Upper Egypt, Hierakonpolis, Upper Egypt, Late Dynastic Period, 664 - 332 BC

Statue / king Statue / king

Statue in greywacke of Ramesses IX wearing a shendyt kilt and nemes headdress and prostrating himself on his left knee: Ancient Egyptian, Lower Egypt, probably heliopolis, 20th Dynasty, c.1126-1108 BC

Spindle whorl Spindle whorl

Spindle whorl of dark grey stone, possibly greywacke, in the form of a flattened disc with a perforation drilled from one face, found on a building site at Deans, possibly Livingston, West Lothian

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