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Hobby horse / bicycle Hobby horse / bicycle

Hobby horse or Draisienne dated 1820 which belonged to the contemporary Earl of Eglinton

Pilot's seat, aircraft Pilot's seat, aircraft

Pilot's seat reputedly from the Albatros German World War I fighter aircraft

Fly whisk Fly whisk

Fly whisk of yellow horsehair with a cylindrical handle of red lacquered wood carved in relief with a design of phoenix among peonies, with storage box: China, Ming dynasty, 16th century

Violin Violin

Jing-hu or two-stringed violin with cylindrical body of wood, top covered with snakeskin: China

Violin bow Violin bow

Bow of cane and horsehair for a jing-hu or two-stringed violin: China

Headband Headband

Band, or manggeon, to hold man's topknot in place, of horsehair: Korea, ca. 1900

Sword Sword

Sword of iron with blade and hilt forged in one piece, the crossguard covered by white metal tubes and tufts of horse hair: Assam, Angami Nagas or Garo Nagas

Hat Hat

Government official's hat, or jeongja-gwan, of horse hair, with peaks: Korea, 19th century

Hat Hat

Gentleman's brimmed hat, or heukrip, made of horsehair, cane and black lacquer: Korea, 1870 - 1880

Hat, court official's Hat, court official's

Court official's hat (samo) with wings, of dyed bamboo, horsehair and silk: Korea, late 19th century

Hat, royal courier's Hat, royal courier's

Military official's hat (jeonrip) made of horse-hair with a chin-band of beads, a peacock feather and red cord: Korea, late 19th century

Hair ornament Hair ornament

Hair ornament, with horse tail, of dyed porcupine quillwork and feathers, worn in the war dance: North America, USA, possibly Lakota (Sioux), mid - late 19th century

Strap Strap

Strap of plaited brown thread decorated with inserted rows of white beads and with tags of quillwork and dyed horsehair, silver cones covering the junction: North America, Plains

Moccasin Moccasin

Pair of moccasins of moose skin decorated with silk thread and piped with dyed horsehair: North America, Plains, possibly Cree, 19th century

Pipe bag Pipe bag

Pipe bag, of buckskin, decorated with beads, dyed horsehair, and tin cones, fringed with thongs and strips of rawhide wrapped with porcupine quills, used to hold both pipe and tobacco: North America, USA, Northern or Central Plains, possibly Lakota Sioux or Cheyenne, late 19th century

Peyote rattle Peyote rattle

Peyote rattle, with wooden shaft decorated with beads, coloured thread, dyed horsehair and a cord tassel, supporting a hollow gourd containing seeds: North America, USA, Plains, 19th century

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