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Sgian dubh Sgian dubh

Sgian dubh, a small knife with horn grip and brass mount in leather sheath, probably for wearing in a stocking top with Highland dress: 19th century

Sporran Sporran

Sporran of sealskin and red leather, with gilt and silver mounts, 19th century

Book Book

Red Book of Clanranald, written in Gaelic by the MacVurichs, bards of Clanranald in the 17th and 18th centuries, containing poems and the traditional genealogy and history of the Macdonalds

Lantern, candle Lantern, candle

Three-cornered lantern with a wooden frame and base and tin candle holder, carried by Lady Grizell Baillie when visiting her Covenanter father, Sir Patrick Hume, during his concealment in the vault beneath Polwarth Church in 1684

Shoe / fragment Shoe / fragment

Fragments of a light pair of leather shoes, from Barrock, Wick, Caithness, Scotland

Belt / piece Belt / piece

Pieces of a leather belt with a plain metal buckle, found on top of a jacket at Gunnister, Shetland

Bootee, baby's Bootee, baby's

One of a pair of baby's bootees of red wool with leather soles, probably made about 1780

Bootee, baby's Bootee, baby's

One of a pair of baby's bootees of red wool with leather soles, probably made about 1780

Sword Sword

Two-handed sword

Claymore / scabbard Claymore / scabbard

Claymore with IHS on both sides of blade, and scabbard

Sword, smallsword / scabbard Sword, smallsword / scabbard

Smallsword with a silver hilt and blade marked En Tolo, in a leather scabbard, made in Glasgow by William Clerk, probably 1698

Drum Drum

Drum, painted wood with skin, rope and leather, used by the Old Town Guard in Edinburgh, probably made in Edinburgh, Midlothian

Small pipes bagpipe Small pipes bagpipe

Set of Northumbrian small pipes with a stitched leather bag inside a red baize bag trimmed with red braid, the drones, stocks and chanter of ivory, the latter of the plain open type and attached to the blowpipe is a small keyhole shaped bellows, 18th - early 19th century

Napier's bones Napier's bones

Set of Napier's bones of ivory in a small leather case, c. 1650

Shoe Shoe

One leather shoe or slipper for the left foot, slightly pointed toe, hand cut design and pinking details, supposed to be one of five shoes: British, possibly late medieval

Breeches Breeches

Man's breeches in yellow chamois leather, with centre front button fastening, welt pocket on wearer's right and fall opening at front, centre back waistline with gusset insert and ties, legs extending to calf with short opening at each knee fastened by six buttons and a tie: probably British, c. 1790 - 1820

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