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Sculpture / head, man's Sculpture / head, man's

Man's head in marble, Roman, found in the ruins of a chapel at Hawkshaw, Peeblesshire, 100 - 120 AD

Table Table

Oak table with a slab of Swedish marble set in flush, under which is one small drawer, to a design by Robert Lorimer, Edinburgh

Ring Ring

Ring of black marble wrapped in 22 carat gold: Japan, by Itō Kazuhiro, 1980

Drawing room Drawing room

Panelling and fireplace from drawing room of Hamilton Palace: Scottish, Hamilton and elsewhere, by William Morgan and others, late 1690s

Statue Statue

Marble statue of Hugh Miller, geologist and writer, examining a fossil fish similar to those he discovered in the Old Red Sandstone near his home in Cromarty in Easter Ross, by Amelia Robertson Hill, Edinburgh, 1869

Marble Marble

Marble, polished brownish-cream finely-banded slab, trade name 'Serpeggiante Marble', from Italy

Fluorite, variety Blue John Fluorite, variety Blue John

Vase of Blue John fluorite, large and two-handled, with Sienna marble lower moulding, probably carved by James Shore, Derbyshire, England, late 1840s

Muller Muller

Muller (grinder) in white marble for grinding pigment, shaped as a human thumb bent at right angles: Ancient Egyptian, Lower Egypt, probably Alexandria, Ptolemaic or Roman Period

Ball Ball

Gaming piece in the shape of a ball incised with the name of Aha: Ancient Egyptian, 1st Dynasty

String of beads String of beads

String of beads, including some white glaze lenticular beads and a central green glaze pendant of Bes: Ancient Egyptian, Middle Egypt, Gurob, New Kingdom, 19th Dynasty

Bowl Bowl

Oblate jar of yellow marble, with two perforated lugs: Ancient Egyptian, Predynastic Period, c. 4400 - 3100 BC

Table Table

Small table (ji) of red lacquered wood, hexagonal with six legs and a base, and inlaid with a marble panel incised with a poem by Mi Fu of 1069 AD [Xining 2], with storage box: China, Ming or Qing Dynasty, 16th - 17th century

Water holder Water holder

Water holder of marble for moistening Chinese ink: China, 19th century

Figure Figure

Figure of Buddha in painted and gilt marble, seated: South-Eastern Asia, Myanmar

Figure Figure

Figure of Gautama Buddha in white marble, seated: South-Eastern Asia, Myanmar

Figure Figure

Figure of Buddha in cast lead, with a marble pedestal: Southeast Asia, Myanmar, Inn Wa (Ava), 18th century

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