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Reflector, lamp, lighthouse Reflector, lamp, lighthouse

Reflector with facetted mirror parabolic reflecting surface, for use with an oil lamp in lighthouse illumination

Mirror Mirror

Portion of mirror set in a rectangular slip of wood decorated on reverse with incised dentate motives enhanced with red and yellow paint: North America, Ojibwe or Cree people, early 19th century

Nécessaire de voyage Nécessaire de voyage

Hand mirror, shield-shaped with a screw-on ebony baluster-shaped handle with carved ivory terminal, from the nécessaire de voyage or travelling service assembled by Martin-Guillaume Biennais for Napoleon's sister, the Princess Pauline Borghese, possibly at the time of her marriage to Prince Camillo Borghese in 1803: French, Paris, c. 1800 - 1804, bequeathed to Alexander, 10th Duke of Hamilton, in 1825

Ship / warship / ketch / case Ship / warship / ketch / case

Models of a full-rigged warship of the Napoleonic period and a ketch, both in a mirror-backed glass case

Mirror / souvenir Mirror / souvenir

Souvenir mirror from the 1939 - 1940 New York World's Fair, printed with the Trylon and Perisphere: American, U.S.A., Pittsburgh, by the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., c. 1939

Dressing table mirror Dressing table mirror

Dressing table mirror, wooden frame, from Melsetter House, Orkney, designed by W.A.S. Benson and made by Morris & Co., London, 1898 - 1902

Dress, woman's Dress, woman's

Dress (pask, pashk), woman's, red/dark pink with embroidered panels on the front, the bodice (jig) with central patterned strip (toi) and rectangular pocket from waist to hem (pado, las), and cuffs (banzar, banzari), with pleats (chin) either side of the waist, plain on the reverse: Asia, South Asia, Iran, Makran, Baluch, early - mid 20th century

Dress front, woman's Dress front, woman's

Embroidered bodice panel (jig) from the front of a woman's dress (pask, pashk), T-shaped with a multicoloured geometric pattern and two cords comprised of threads loosely twisted, with tassels bound in metal thread, at the top of the opening, with a green border: Asia, South Asia, Iran or Pakistan, Baluch or Brahui or Mengal, early - mid 20th century

Wash stand Wash stand

Wash Stand, Mahogany, mother-of pearl, glass, mirror, erinoid, designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Scottish, 1917

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