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Zylaphone Zylaphone

Zylaphone or balangi, a wood and fibre frame with a keyboard of graduating sized wooden keys with various sized globular gourd resonators strung below with a pair of wooden handled beaters bound at one end with natural leaf fibre: Africa, West Africa, Sierra Leone, late 19th century

Cosmetic box lid Cosmetic box lid

Box lid of lunate shape, carved with stylised geometric patterns in wood with knotted cord fastening for box, to hold tukula pigment for cosmetic use: Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa, Kuba people, early 20th century

Earring Earring

Two earrings made of brass rings graduated in size and fastened to a plaited cord at the back, with loose diamond shaped brass pendants attached at intervals at the front: Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Borneo, Iban, 19th century

Wig Wig

Man's wig made of human hair on a frame of diagonally plaited strips of cane: Fiji, mid 19th century

Fabric sample Fabric sample

Fabric sample in machine knitted polyester, screen printed with an abstract design in shades of green and blue with thick outlining in blue: British, Scotland, Galashiels, by Bernat Klein, 1968 - 1981

Sake flask Sake flask

Sake flask (suzu-tokkuri), porcelain with transfer underglaze blue spiral design on the neck and upper body, and geometrical line motif over the lower body, with a fibre cord tied around the neck: Asia, East Asia, Japan, Tōhoku, Fukushima, Aizu-Hongō, 19th century

Headrest Headrest

Headrest with support of stylised human head, carved wood with inlaid tooth, cordage around the support is attached to a small wooden pick or spike: Africa, Central Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, 19th century

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