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Microscope, pocket Microscope, pocket

Simple pocket microscope, by John Clark, Edinburgh, 1749

Wakizashi Wakizashi

Wakizashi or companion sword, with a single-edged steel blade, a ray skin grip wrapped with silk cord, a red lacquer scabbard, and a kozuka ornamented with a whale in waves: Japan, signed by Yamashiro no Kami Kunishige, 1727

Tachi Tachi

Tachi or court sword, with curved pointed tempered single-edged steel blade, a ray skin hilt bound with silk cords, two gilt menuki, and a tsuba of dark alloy, and a scabbard of wood decorated with a dragon on nashiji lacquer with dark alloy mounts and flat silk suspension cords: Japan, 17th century

Sword, dress Sword, dress

Basket hilted Highland dress sword, hilt inscribed with coat of arms and crest flanked by thistle leaves, blade is back-edged: Scottish, Edinburgh, probably by Marshall and Son, c. 1822

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