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Bicycle wheel Bicycle wheel

Front bicycle wheel fitted with the first pneumatic tyre, made of Arbroath sailcloth and India rubber, invented and made by John Boyd Dunlop, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1888

Bicycle, safety Bicycle, safety

"Rover" safety bicycle with solid rubber tyres, made by J.K. Starley of Starley & Sons, Coventry, c. 1888

Aeroplane engine, Green Aeroplane engine, Green

Four cylinder aeroplane engine of 35 brake horsepower, example of the earliest type of aeroplane engine built in Britain, built for the Green Engine Co. Ltd, by the Aster Engineering Co., London, 1909

Telephone line switch, Keith Telephone line switch, Keith

Keith line switch, smaller section, part of group of Keith line switches with master switch from original Strowger automatic telephone equipment at the Official Switch Exchange, London, 1912 - 1939

Brougham Brougham

Model of a Brougham carriage of around 1845 with Thomson's Pneumatic tyres, the original Brougham was designed by Edinburgh-based Lord Brougham, made to a scale of 1 1/2 inches to 1 foot by Charles Glasgow, Paisley, Scotland, 1930s

Chassis, motor car / section Chassis, motor car / section

Austin A 40 motor car chassis, 1947 model, sectioned by the firm's apprentices

Bicycle petrol engine Bicycle petrol engine

Bicycle petrol engine, single cylinder engine for use with pedal cycle, in a rear wheel fitted with a Firestone tyre, made by Cyclemaster Ltd of London, 1950s

Tube, gramophone Tube, gramophone

Three pairs of rubber listening tubes for a Berliner hand-driven gramophone made by Parkins and Gotto of London

Snowmobile Snowmobile

Two-seater snowmobile, the Ski-Doo: North America, Canada, Quebec, Valcourt, by Bombardier Ltd, 1974

Bubble sextant Bubble sextant

Bubble sextant with a clockwork averaging mechanism, an R.A.F. pattern

Pneumatic camera shutter Pneumatic camera shutter

Pnuematic shutter for a bellows camera, wood, operated by a rubber bulb, c. 1860s

Biplane / model Biplane / model

Model of the Westland PV.3 Everest, a biplane flown by Lord Clydesdale on the Houston-Everest flight of 3 April 1933, a Private Venture design modified for the flight, scale 1:24

Aircraft / biplane / trainer Aircraft / biplane / trainer

de Havilland DH.82a 'Tiger Moth' single-engine two-seat training biplane, built for the R.A.F. in 1940, and registered as G-AOEL in 1955

Biplane Biplane

Biplane six-seater airliner of wood and fabric construction, Dragon, built in 1942 by de Havilland in Sydney, Australia

Clandestine radio station Clandestine radio station

Hand or pedal driven generating set in a wooden box painted dark green, part of a clandestine radio station, British, 1955

Bicycle Bicycle

Rudge ordinary bicycle made about 1884, with a steel tube frame and Penny Farthing wheel arrangement

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