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Clock, longcase, musical Clock, longcase, musical

Longcase musical clock with a light mahogany case and a chime of 24 bells playing 8 tunes, made by John Smith, Pittenweem, Fife, who exhibited it in London before the Royal Family in 1808

Snuffbox Snuffbox

Snuffbox of cowrie shell with a silver lid, inscribed 'Gift Of Lady Appina To Her Daughter Mrs Stewart Invernahyle': Scottish, 18th century

Figure Figure

Figure of a fishwife, of white glazed and painted earthenware and sea shells, shown standing upright on a hollow base with a rope moulding round it

Trumpet Trumpet

Pukaea or trumpet of wood, bound with varnished flax and decorated with carving and paua shell: Polynesia, New Zealand, Rotorua, Māori, Ngati Tuwheretoa and Ngapuhi, by Henry Pona, c. 1993

Necklace Necklace

Necklace consisting of a string of thirty-one blue-green glazed faience ball beads, with two natural shell terminals: Ancient Egyptian, Middle Egypt, Deir Rifa, Tomb 219, Middle Kingdom, 11th-13th Dynasty, c.2010-1660 BC

Pectoral / shell, oyster Pectoral / shell, oyster

Oyster shell (Pinctada margaritifera) pectoral incised with the cartouche of King Amenemhat II, with two pierced holes for suspension: Ancient Egyptian, Upper Egypt, el-Salmiya, 12th Dynasty, c.1922 - 1878 BC

Pendant Pendant

Flat siltstone pendant representing a bird with shell inlaid eye: Ancient Egyptian, Predynastic, Naqada II, c.3500 - 3200 BC

String of beads String of beads

String of beads, including some white glaze lenticular beads and a central green glaze pendant of Bes: Ancient Egyptian, Middle Egypt, Gurob, Tomb 474, New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, c.1479-1390 BC

Cup Cup

Cup of porcelain inlaid with shell ornament: Japan, 1800-1862

Cup cover Cup cover

Cup cover of porcelain inlaid with shell ornament: Japan, 1800-1862

Pepper-blower Pepper-blower

Pepper-blower (me-tsubushi) of black lacquered wood decorated with maple leaves and with engraved brass mouthpiece, attached to it a cylindrical wooden netsuke and a brocade pouch containing a black lacquered flat bottle decorated with three puppies: Japan, 19th century

Comb Comb

Comb of dark brown lacquered wood, decorated with birds in shell and plum blossom in gold lacquer: Japan, late 19th century

Inro Inro

Inro or medicine case of dark brown lacquered wood, with four compartments, with wisteria in gold and shell inlay, nashiji interior, signed Shunsho: Japan, 18th century

Inro Inro

Inro or medicine case of mirror-black lacquered wood, with five compartments, decorated in gold and haliotis shell with feathers: Japan, by Kanshosai, 18th century

Netsuke Netsuke

Netsuke of trochus shell, a fish, unsigned: Japan

Samisen Samisen

Samisen (three stringed guitar) of wood and animal skin, decorated in lacquer with shells: Japan, early 19th century

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