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Sampler Sampler

Sampler worked in coloured silks, depicting Oxfoord (Oxenfoord?) Castle with hunting and other scenes, signed by Marian Raith, aged 13 years, 1799

Sampler Sampler

Sampler in multicoloured silks on linen, made into a bag with a drawstring top, by Isabel Hutton, c. 1730 - 1733

Sample, Paisley pattern Sample, Paisley pattern

One of a collection of Paisley pattern samples

Umbrella Umbrella

Green silk umbrella with wooden stays, a brass frame and a bone handle on which is inscribed JANET WATSON

Gonfalon Gonfalon

Gonfalon of black silk edged with silk fringes and substantial tassels, bearing the arms of the Incorporation of Goldsmiths and inscribed "Goldsmiths" and "God with us", c. 1832

Banner, processional Banner, processional

Green silk processional banner with the arms of the Incorporation of Goldsmiths and the figure of Earl Grey, specially painted for the Reform Jubilee Procession in Edinburgh, 11 August 1832

Banner Banner

Religious banner with red and gold cords attached, depicting St Margaret in flowing robes on one side, and the Lion Rampant on the other, embroidered by a nun from an Edinburgh convent in 1908

Bellows bagpipe Bellows bagpipe

Bellows bagpipe with chanter only, a stitched leather bag inside a velvet bag cover edged and tied with silk ribbon, wood chanter and stock and a bellows with wooden sides inlaid with ivory, collected by Skeoch Cumming, 19th century

Bodice Bodice

Bodice of a woman's dress, in brown and blue shot silk, with a high round neckline, fastening centre front with seven blue and gold buttons, fitted with skirted section extending over the hip,a flat frill around front and back in the form of a shoulder cape, full-length sleeves, frill, hem and cuffs trimmed with grey-brown silk fringe, lined with cotton, part of an ensemble with H.TM 142 B: British, c. 1860 - 1863

Skirt Skirt

Woman's skirt, in brown and blue shot silk, part of an ensemble with H.TM 142 A, full-length, cut for a crinoline underpinning, hem finished with brown wool braid, lined with cotton: British, c. 1860 - 1863

Kilt Kilt

Hard tartan kilt decorated with silk rosettes and matching pink silk ribbon ties, part of a man's kilt suit c.1820

Tailored plaid Tailored plaid

Hard tartan tailored plaid with a pink silk ribbon binding and matching rosettes, part of a man's kilt suit c.1820

Shoe Shoe

Pair of women's shoes in light blue (faded) silk woven in silver with a bizarre design, arched and curved heel, two straps closing over throat of shoe, leather interior and sole, tapered toe: British, shoe circa 1760s, silk 1700-1730

Waistcoat, man's Waistcoat, man's

Man's waistcoat, in black wool cloth, part of an evening suit H.TI 23 A-C, with a low oval shaped neckline, centre front fastening with four black buttons, a welt pocket at each side of front, black silk back, lined with white silk, made by Marshall and Aitken, Edinburgh for Mr J.R. Jamieson: Scottish, Edinburgh, c. 1920s

Trousers, man's Trousers, man's

Pair of man's trousers in black wool cloth, part of an evening suit H.TI 23 A-C, high waistline, shaped with a notch at centre back and with black buttons for attaching braces, side of legs trimmed with a narrow vertical band of black silk (?), with in-seam pockets at each side, and jet pocket with single button fastening at wearer's back right, made by Marshall and Aitken, Edinburgh for Mr J.R. Jamieson

Dolman Dolman

Woman's dolman made from a reconfigured wool shawl, in multi-colours including red, blue and green, lined and quilted with yellow silk: shawl possibly Scottish, Paisley, or French, c.1860-1865, dolman made c.1880-1890

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