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Jacket, man's Jacket, man's

Man's sleeveless jacket of thick black felt with applique pieces of red and blue woollen cloth, with embroidered devices in coloured silks and gold and silver thread: Iran, West Azerbaijan province, Urumiah, Kurdish

Carpet, prayer Carpet, prayer

Chocolate-coloured satin prayer carpet embroidered with silver, gold and coloured silk threads and showing a floral design with an upper border of the Mehrab: Middle East, Iran, 1709

Doublet Doublet

Doublet and trunk hose of silk and silver tissue, joined by hook and eye fastenings, worn by the 6th Duke of Lennox: English, c. 1665

Stomacher Stomacher

Stomacher of linen embroidered with a symmetrical floral pattern in silver thread and coloured silks: English, late 17th century

Picture Picture

Picture with linen ground embroidered in coloured silks and silver and gold thread, depicting 'The Circumcision of Christ': English, London, by Edmund Harrison, c. 1637

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