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Drum Drum

Drum, painted wood with skin, rope and leather, used by the Old Town Guard in Edinburgh, probably made in Edinburgh, Midlothian

Wuj / harp, bow Wuj / harp, bow

Wuj or bow harp of wood covered with skin: Afghanistan, Nuristan, mid 20th century

Duf / drum, frame Duf / drum, frame

Duf or frame drum of skin stretched over a wooden frame: Algeria, Ghardaia, 20th century AD

Drum, processional Drum, processional

Processional drum of wood with a skin membrane, painted red, green, yellow and blue: China, Beijing, 20th century

Bag, smoking Bag, smoking

Smoking bag, of tanned moose skin, lined with cotton print fabric and decorated with red and blue wool cloth, blue silk ribbon, green and white glass beads, blue and red wool tassels, and a fringe of skin thongs: North America, Canada, Northwest Territories, Fort Simpson, Tłı̨chǫ, c. 1862

Dog harness Dog harness

Dog harness, consisting of a padded collar of tanned caribou skin with two traces of skin for fastening the dog to the sled, joined by a piece across the back: : North America, Canada, Northwest Territories, Great Slave Lake, Fort Rae, Tłı̨chǫ, c. 1860

Drum Drum

Drum made of a large spherical gourd fitted with a cylindrical wooden neck and skin head, with a brass plate at one side with numerous small bells and brass objects attached: Africa, West Africa, Ghana, Kumasi, Asante

Talking drum Talking drum

Talking drum of wood and skin: West Africa, Nigeria, near Zaria, 20th century

Headdress Headdress

Masquerade headdress of a female head, carved wood covered with skin, with lead eyes, plaited fibre hair, and basketwork neck: Africa, West Africa, Nigeria or Cameroon, probably Cross River, Ekoi, late 19th century

Harp Harp

Harp or ngombi, of pale cottonwood with hollow boat-shaped body, covered on top with skin fastened with wooden pins, with rising curved arm with eight tuning-pegs and gut strings, and carved human head on the headstock: Africa, Central Africa, Gabon, late 19th century

Needle-case Needle-case

Woman's needle-case, thimble-holder and bone thimble for forcing needle, wood, bone and skin: Inuit, North America, USA, Alaska, Point Hope, Inupiat, 1930s

Sheath Sheath

Wooden sheath covered with skin and with loop for suspension: Africa, Malawi, Yao People

Trumpet / whistle Trumpet / whistle

Wooden trumpet or whistle with five finger-holes, partly covered with skin: Africa, Malawi

Drum Drum

Cylindrical wooden drum carved with foliate designs, with a skin membrane and rotan stretchers: Asia, South East Asia, Indonesia, Borneo, 20th century

Union bagpipe Union bagpipe

Union or Pastoral bagpipe with long chanter and two drones set in a common stock, the bass drone having a 'return' section modelled as two drones, probably made in England, 18th century

Dress, girl's Dress, girl's

Girl's dress, of painted and decorated canvas, entitled Sisters of the Sundance, the painted figures representing sisters supporting each other from childhood to old age, the seven blue stars symbolising the Seven Sisters constellation, and the four turtles standing for female fertility and the four directions: North America, USA, North Dakota, Parshall, Cheyenne River Lakota Sioux, by JoEsther Parshall, 1994

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