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Violin Violin

Jing-hu or two-stringed violin with cylindrical body of wood, top covered with snakeskin: China

Damaru / drum, hand Damaru / drum, hand

Damaru or hand drum with wooden hemispheres and snakeskin sides, and long cotton bands attached: Tibet

Lute Lute

Lute or gurmi with skin covered spherical calabash body with headstock wrapped in snake-skin, long wooden neck and two natural fibre strings: Africa, West Africa, Northern Nigeria, Katsina, Hausa People

Drum Drum

Drum with four wooden legs supporting a cylindrical body of a hollowed out tree trunk with three panels with carved decoration, topped with snake skin secured by wooden pegs: Africa, Malawi, Lake Namaramba, Yao people

Spear Spear

Iron leaf-shaped headed spear with long tang, driven into dark wooden shaft with swelling at foot and hide and snake-skin bindings: Africa, Malawi, Ngoni People

Violin Violin

Single string musical instrument, body of wood covered with snake skin, and long arm of wood strung with a single cord to be bowed: Africa, Malawi (Nyasaland), Mang'anja people

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