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Snuffbox Snuffbox

Silver mounted oval tortoiseshell snuffbox with a portrait of the Old Chevalier, inscribed "A gift from Prince Charles Stewart to Miss Flora Macdonald 1746"

Snuffbox Snuffbox

Small oval tortoiseshell snuffbox, silver mounted, with the initials "FMD" on the lid, owned by Flora Macdonald

Snuffbox Snuffbox

Oval-shaped, gold-mounted snuffbox of dark tortoise-shell, with a miniature of Prince Charles Edward Stuart on the lid, said to have been painted at Rome in 1776

Knife Knife

Knife with a tortoiseshell handle, silver mounted and marked DB inside a heart, possibly from Kilmaurs, Ayrshire, late 17th century

Fork Fork

Two-pronged fork with a tortoiseshell handle, silver mounted and marked DB inside a heart, possibly from Kilmaurs, Ayrshire, late 17th century

Comb Comb

Comb, possibly of tortoiseshell, pierced with a crown between initials 'V R': English or Scottish, 19th century

Writing box Writing box

Writing box (suzuribako) of wood, the lid decorated with design of a cockerel standing on a barrel inlaid in tortoiseshell, ivory and mother-of-pearl, also lacquer: Japan, 19th century

Tray Tray

Tray of tortoiseshell, with design of landscape in lacquer: Japan, 19th century

Inro Inro

Inro with four compartments, of lacquered wood decorated Shibayama style in mother-of-pearl, steatite, jadeite and tortoiseshell with a cockatiel on a branch, suspended from a stirrup-shaped netsuke of bronze, and held by an ojime of agate: Japan, 19th century

Netsuke Netsuke

Netsuke of carved ivory, Daikoku's mallet, with early Shibayama work in tortoiseshell and mother-of-pearl, unsigned: Japan

Koto Koto

Koto, or long zither, with thirteen strings (with bridges) stretched over a sounding-board made of lacquered wood with ivory, tortoise-shell and silver inlay, decorated on the sides with chicken in a bamboo grove: Japan

Comb Comb

Ornamental comb of tortoiseshell, with nine teeth and carved in openwork with floral motifs and birds: China, Qing Dynasty, 19th century AD

Comb Comb

Ornamental comb of tortoiseshell carved in openwork with a circular medallion containing figures, surrounded by a 'cash' diaper border and flanked by floral scrollwork: China, 19th century

Card case Card case

Card case and cover of tortoiseshell, carved with figures in relief: China, Qing Dynasty, 19th century AD

Comb, man's Comb, man's

Man's comb of tortoiseshell, flat with thirteen teeth, the top indented, worn at the back of the head, and one corner broken off: Asia, South Asia, Sri Lanka, Sinhalese, 19th century

Comb Comb

Comb, semi-circular, of horn and tortoiseshell, decorated with openwork in geometric shapes: South Asia, Sri Lanka, Kandy, 19th century

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