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Casket Casket

Casket of cetacean bone with bronze mountings, decorated with Celtic interlaced designs on its twenty two panels, long preserved in Eglinton Castle, Ayrshire

Whalebone Whalebone

Part of object made of a plate of whalebone, squared hollow and various cut marks on surface, from Knowe of Rowiegar chambered cairn, Rousay, Orkney

Cut marked bone Cut marked bone

Fragment of cut whalebone, from Knowe of Rowiegar chambered cairn, Rousay, Orkney

Dress pin Dress pin

Large dress pin or hairpin of whalebone, with a spatulate head, from Skara Brae, Skaill, Sandwick, Orkney, 3100 - 2500 BC

Dress pin Dress pin

Large dress pin or hairpin of whalebone with a pointed head, from Skara Brae, 3100 - 2400 BC

Dress pin Dress pin

Large dress pin or hairpin of whalebone with a domed head, from Skara Brae

Board, gaming / portion Board, gaming / portion

Fragments of a pegged bone board, probably for the Viking game Hnefatafl, from Birsay, Orkney, 950 - 1200 AD

Playing piece Playing piece

Pawn-shaped playing piece of cetacean bone from Sandwick Bay

Playing piece Playing piece

Decorated draughtsman-like piece of cetacean bone from Freswick, 1000 - 1300 AD

Casket Casket

Fife casket of whalebone panels carved in low relief with patterns of interlace and knotwork, held together with metal and with brass mounts and lock, Scotland, 15th or early 16th century

Flute Flute

Bugaku fue or flute of lacquered cane bound with whalebone, with seven finger vents: Japan

Pipe Pipe

Ship pipe, of wood and whalebone, carved and painted, with an eagle, a man on a horse pulling a wagon and two other figures: North America, Canada, Haida Gwaii, collected Puget Sound, probably Haida with Russian influence, late 19th century

Mask / eagle's head Mask / eagle's head

Whalebone mask carved in form of an eagle's head, with eyes of inlaid copper and attached leather thongs: North America, Canada, Haida, Northwest Coast

Sword Sword

Sword made of whalebone with edges grooved and fitted with shark's teeth secured by sinnet: Micronesia, probably Republic of Kiribati, 19th century

Club Club

Club (totokia), fighting club of wood with cylindrical shaft terminating in a bulb with tapering point, inlaid at the base with a star-shaped piece of whale bone: Polynesia, Fiji, Fijian, 19th century

Flywhisk Flywhisk

Ceremonial flywhisk (kahili) of whalebone, tortoiseshell, ivory and feathers: Polynesian, Hawaiian Islands, 1868 - 1933

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