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Hood Hood

Hood of woollen fabric with a knotted fringe, found in moss in St Andrews Parish, Orkney

Cap Cap

Light brown knitted cap, found at Gunnister, Shetland

Jersey Jersey

Jumper or jersey in Fair Isle pattern knitted wool, with a high round neck and long sleeves, and a chequered design in red and blue on the neck, hem and cuffs, bought c. 1910, features in the painting ‘The Fair Isle Jumper’, by Stanley Cursiter, 1923, currently held by Edinburgh City Council: Scottish, Fair Isle, c. 1910

Jacket Jacket

Royal Stewart hard tartan jacket, red base with blue, black, green, yellow and white stripes, with thistle decoration on the collar and twenty-six brass buttons marked 'CLANN NA 'N GAEL LUNNINN', associated with the Highland Society of London, c.1816

Bootee, baby's Bootee, baby's

One of a pair of baby's bootees of red wool with leather soles, probably made about 1780

Bootee, baby's Bootee, baby's

One of a pair of baby's bootees of red wool with leather soles, probably made about 1780

Sample, Paisley pattern Sample, Paisley pattern

One of a collection of Paisley pattern samples

Textile / wool / sample Textile / wool / sample

One of a collection of samples of Paisley shawl patterns, short length of a woven border with long cone or buta shapes at the centre, detailed multi-coloured design predominantly in shades of red, blue and green: probably Scottish, Paisley, mid-19th century

Highland bagpipe Highland bagpipe

Highland bagpipe with a chanter, blow-pipe and three drones, decorated with bone insets owned by the Macdonalds of Islay and long in the possession of the MacIndeors or Dewars, hereditary pipers to the Macdonalds of Islay

Small pipes bagpipe Small pipes bagpipe

Set of small pipes with three drones set in a common stock, made of laburnum and fruitwood mounted with sea ivory, and having a fringed green wool cover, formerly belonged to a Sutherland family, late 18th century

Highland bagpipe Highland bagpipe

Set of Highland bagpipes made of laburnum mounted with horn and having a sheepskin bag with a green wool cover, made by J. and R. Glen, Edinburgh, c. 1880

Coat Coat

Coat of fine brown wool with a pointed turn down collar faced with brown velvet and wide pointed revers; it is floor length and double breasted, a label inside the neck is inscribed "ERNEST MORET/9 Boulevard de le Madelaine/PARIS": French, Paris, c.1895-1905

Cloak Cloak

Lady's cloak of brown checked tweed, semi-circular in cut with a square turn down collar and pointed hood: probably British, c.1890-1940

Glove Glove

Pair of black and red knitted woollen gloves with a pattern of rows of diamonds on the backs, and two hearts and '2MCT' on the front, c. 1940

Coat, man's frock Coat, man's frock

Man's double-breasted frock coat of fine black cloth, partly lined with cotton: British, c.1840

Coat, man's Coat, man's

Man's coat in black wool cloth, part of an evening suit H.TI 23 A-C, with a v-shaped neckline and silk faced lapels, fastening with a button link at waist, two jet pockets at front hip, and one welt pocket at wearer's left chest, full length sleeves with three buttons at cuff fastening, lined in black silk, made by Marshall and Aitken, Edinburgh for Mr J.R. Jamieson: Scottish, Edinburgh, c. 1920s

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