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Cassiterite Cassiterite

Cassiterite - grey aggregated crystals - a sample of tin ore containing 73% metallic tin - from the Rooiberg Tin Mine, Waterberg District, Transvaal, South Africa -

Leadhillite Leadhillite

Leadhillite - pale green platy crystals on barite - from Leadhills, Lanarkshire.

Leadhillite Leadhillite

Leadhillite - pale grey-green platy crystals associated with bright blue caledonite and a small amount of yellow pyromorphite - from Leadhills, Lanarkshire

Lanarkite Lanarkite

Lanarkite - dull pale grey acicular aggregates with grey hexagonal tabular crystals of leadhillite and a small amount of yellow pyromorphite - from Susanna Mine, Leadhills, Lanarkshire.

Caledonite Caledonite

Caledonite - bright blue, granular - with deeper blue linarite and bright green, mammilated pyromorphite - from Leadhills, Lanarkshire.

Vanadinite Vanadinite

Vanadinite - small brown barrel-shaped crystals on dull white botryoidal apatite - from Wanlockhead, Dumfriesshire.

Mattheddleite Mattheddleite

Mattheddleite - microscopic white crystals - associated with grey acicular aggregates of lanarkite, grey platy leadhillite and earthy yellow-green pyromorphite - probably from Susanna Mine, Leadhills, Lanarkshire.

Syenite, larvikitic Syenite, larvikitic

Larvikitic syenite, polished coarse-grained blue-grey slab almost completely composed of labradorite, trade name 'Larvikite Granite', from Norway

Granite Granite

Granite, polished coarse-grained slab, reddish-brown orthoclase with translucent quartz and black biotite, trade name 'African Red', probably from Africa

Eclogite, garnet-pyroxene Eclogite, garnet-pyroxene

Eclogite, medium grained composed of granular green pyroxene with red garnet, from Norway

Axinite-(Fe) Axinite-(Fe)

Ferroaxinite - single large dark brown translucent crystal - previously undifferentiated - on matrix with an unidentified asbestiform mineral - from Puiva, Khanty-Mansi Okrug, Tyumen Oblast, Russia.

Calcite Calcite

Calcite - a group of colourless crystals, the tips of some are grey with inclusions and several tiny pyrite crystals scattered over - from New Glencrieff Mine, Wanlockhead, Dumfriesshire

Calcite Calcite

Calcite - two white to pale grey double terminated crystals - one 4cm, the other 2.5cm - on dolomite crystals on quartz matrix - from New Glencrieff Mine, Wanlockhead, Dumfriesshire

Barite Barite

Barite - a group of radiating crystals frosted over by tiny calcite crystals with larger prismatic calcite crystals at the edges of the specimen - from New Glencrieff Mine, Wanlockhead, Dumfriesshire

Lanarkite Lanarkite

Lanarkite - a group of very fine lustrous, pale greenish-grey crystals on a quartz matrix - from Susanna Mine, Leadhills, Lanarkshire

Macphersonite Macphersonite

Macphersonite - coating a radiating group of grey lanarkite crystals - old handwritten label states; from Leadhills, Lanarkshire.

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