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Astrolabe Astrolabe

Brass astrolabe with two graduated tablets, rete showing 21 stars and alidade with peep sights, unsigned, probably Flemish, believed to be by Michael Piquer, mid 16th century

Astrolabe Astrolabe

Gordon of Straloch's astrolabe, probably dating from 1460, with Robertius Gordonius on rim

Astrolabe Astrolabe

Brass astrolabe, the second earliest surviving signed and dated astrolabe made in Europe, by Muhammad ibn al-Saffâr, Cordova, Spain, 417 AH, 1026 - 1027 AD, with rete c. 1300

Astrolabe Astrolabe

Brass astrolabe with a scale of degrees and numeric table for gnomonic purposes on back, made by the astrologer Shri Leelanath for Manirama, North India or Pakistan, 1643 - 1644

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