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Case, card Case, card

Rectangular silver card case in two halves, hinged together, with the engraved portrait bust of a young woman on one face, by D.M., Edinburgh, 1876 - 1877

Case, microscope Case, microscope

Microscope case with a hinged lid, of black shagreen covered wood, by John Clark, Edinburgh, 1751

Watch Watch

Silver watch in tin case inscribed 'J.P.J.' on the back, a gift to John Paul Jones from C.R. Arbigland in 1765, with a letter dated Nov 4th 1846 from Walter Peacock of Aberlady to Alice saying that he had just received the watch

Sextant Sextant

Four inch sextant in a fitted wooden case, by Cary of London, 1901, used to take bearings on the British Antarctic Expedition, 1901 - 1904

Case, hydrometer / case, thermometer Case, hydrometer / case, thermometer

Case containing both hydrometer, T.1922.3.1 and thermometer, T.1922.3.2

Case, hydrometer / case, thermometer Case, hydrometer / case, thermometer

Case containing both hydrometer, T.1922.4.1 and thermometer, T.1922.4.2

Case Case

Pine case for containing the series of specimens, T.1933.177.1 - 10, illustrating the method of jointing the core of the Atlantic cable laid in 1866

Locomotive / model Locomotive / model

Coal-burning, steam powered working model of the Great Northern Railway locomotive 'Caledonia', in a glass case, built by David Veitch in 1883

Orrery Orrery

Brass orrery in a polished mahogany case, by George Adams, junior, London, c. 1790

Photograph Photograph

Albumen print from a wet collodion negative, hand tinted portrait of Miss Gertrude Crayke (1826 - 1918), framed in a blue velvet covered case, embossed on the mat with the monogram GC, photographer unknown, 1859

Box sextant Box sextant

Box sextant by Cary of London, with a half inch diameter telescope, and demountable, with a fitted wooden case

Mechanical log Mechanical log

Mechanical ship's log in a brass case made after 1863 and signed by T. Walker of London

Typewriter Typewriter

Typewriter, Blickensderfer No. 7, serial number 103640, in leather carrying case (T.1971.67.2) with manual, spare typewheel (T.1971.67.3) and type sample, manufactured Stamford, USA, c. 1905

Case, goniometer Case, goniometer

Leather case for a goniometer, England, early 19th century

Microscope, simple and compound Microscope, simple and compound

Withering's simple and compound botanical microscope, brass with one lens objective and stage condenser, with a red leather cylindrical case, unsigned but probably made in England, 1800 - 1850

Drawing instrument Drawing instrument

Drawing instruments in a wooden case by J.B. Dancer of Manchester

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