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Chain / cross Chain / cross

Bronze chain and cross from Kilmichael-Glassary, Argyllshire, late 12th century

Chain / girdle Chain / girdle

Silver chain called Midside Maggie's Girdle, said to have been given by John, 2nd Earl of Lauderdale, to the wife of his tenant Thomas Hardie of Midside Farm, made by Adam Allan of Edinburgh, 1608 - 1610

Chain Chain

Chain, with a pendant drop in the form of an articulated anchor, of jet, the chain links alternately oval and oblong, worn by Mrs Craig of Edinburgh

Medal Medal

One of a group of orders, medals and badges awarded to Sir Alexander Fleming, discoverer of penicillin, Academy of Athens member's badge and chain of gilt and enamel

Chain Chain

Pictish chain of double rings of silver with penannular terminal ring engraved with one of the symbols of the sculptured stones, from Parkhill, Aberdeenshire, 400 - 800 AD

Chain Chain

Pictish chain of double rings of silver found in digging the Caledonian Canal, near Inverness, 400 - 800 AD

Chain Chain

Pictish chain of small double rings of silver, from near Haddington, East Lothian, 400 - 800 AD

Chain Chain

Pictish chain of 22 double links with a pennanular terminal ring, the ring engraved with designs inlaid with red enamel, from Whitecleugh, Lanarkshire, 6th or 7th century

Chain / portion Chain / portion

Portion of a massive Pictish chain of double rings of silver, from Whitley, now called Whitlaw, Lauder, 400 - 800 AD

Chain Chain

Massive Pictish silver chain consisting of nineteen pairs of circular rings with a single ring at one end, from Traprain Law, 400 - 800 AD

Chain Chain

Silver chain, composed of twenty-one pairs of rings flattened on their inner faces with a penannular terminal, from Borland Farm, Walston, Lanarkshire

Chain Chain

Chain of fine silver wire knitted as a hollow tube, from a Viking burial at Ballinaby, Islay

Chain stitch sewing machine Chain stitch sewing machine

Chain stitch sewing machine, by Willcox and Gibbs

Pendant Pendant

Pendant and chain of silver and gold, set with opals and decorated with plique-à-jour enamelling: USA, New York, by Tiffany and Co., probably designed by Julia Munson, c. 1910

Chain Chain

Chain of gold: English, Archibald Knox, c. 1900

Chain Chain

Chain of brown silk and gilt beads, possibly for a watch: Scottish, reputedly made by Elizabeth Hutchison Bowe of Leith, c. 1830, but probably later

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