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Dish ring Dish ring

Silver dish ring by Hugh Ross, Tain, c. 1770

Dish, salt Dish, salt

Salt dish of opaque white glass, moulded with oval basket-shaped base and lid shaped as hen on nest with egg

Dish, posy Dish, posy

One of a collection of Monart and Vasart glass from Perth - a posy dish of orange mottled glass with extremely wide flat lip, unmarked

Dish Dish

Dish of milk glazed earthenware, made by Mrs Catherine MacLean, Bru, Barvas, Lewis, 1935

Dish Dish

Earthenware dish decorated in blue and white transfer with a Highlander, figure of Victory and names of Scottish military heroes

Dish / fragment Dish / fragment

Fragment of a flat silver dish, with a drawn wire rim, from Traprain Law

Dish Dish

Earthenware dish with coloured relief decoration, bust of George IV in the centre and a border with crowns, Prince of Wales' feathers and floral ornament, Portobello, c. 1822

Dish Dish

Ceramic dish entitled 'Scene de Tauromachie': French, Vallauris, Madoura Pottery designed by Pablo Picasso, 1959

Dish Dish

Ceramic dish entitled 'Visage Tourmente': French, Madoura Pottery, Vallauris designed by Pablo Picasso, 1956

Fruit tray Fruit tray

Oval concave dish of mottled brown bakelite, possibly a fruit tray, the interior base with a raised wave pattern in an oval band, made in Britain

Dish Dish

Shallow slate dish in the form of a bulti-fish hollowed out within, with a striated tail acting as a handle: Ancient Egyptian, probably 18th Dynasty

Dish Dish

Cartouche-shaped dish in indurated limestone with a spout and shallow central depression: Ancient Egyptian, excavated at Hu, 12th Dynasty

Dish Dish

Dish of grey-green slate carved in the form of two geese: Ancient Egyptian, probably New Kingdom

Dish Dish

Dish in thin pale blue faience in the form of a hemi-cylinder divided internally by thin walls to form five compartments, decorated with black lines depicting plants, with a pig in a circle at each end: Ancient Egyptian, Middle Kingdom

Dish / dish cover Dish / dish cover

Dish or cover in fine grained brown-black stone representing a turtle with its head outstretched: Ancient Egyptian, possibly Early Dynastic

Dish Dish

Dish of Egyptian alabaster (travertine) with vertical sides, inscribed with two early hieroglyphs: Ancient Egyptian, Upper Egypt, Hierakonpolis, from the Main Deposit, site number 471, Early Dynastic period, 1st-2nd Dynasty, c.3100-2686 BC

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