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Mariner's astrolabe Mariner's astrolabe

Copper-bronze electrotype of a 16th century mariner's astrolabe, by Messrs Elkington and Co. Ltd, London, c. 1925

Dish Dish

Electrotype rosewater or sideboard dish featuring 'The Battle of the Amazons', designed by Antoine Vechte in c.1851: English, Birmingham, manufactured by Elkington & Co., c.1851 - 1872

Plaque Plaque

Electrotype plaque representing a Pompeian lady at her toilette with her maidens, original designed by Léonard Morel-Ladeuil in 1876: English, Birmingham, manufactured by Elkington and Co., c. 1878

Shield Shield

Electrotype of a shield repousse with allegorical subjects from the Italian poets, original French designed by Antoine Vechte c. 1851: English, manufactured by Elkington & Co. c.1854 - 1886

Ewer Ewer

Electrotype of a bronze ewer engraved with six classical scenes of Roman bravery and self-sacrifice, original Italian, Venetian, c. 1540: English, London, by Giovanni Franchi and Son, c. 1857

Electrotype Electrotype

Electrotype reproduction of a Bewick wood engraving, depicting a swan in a landscape, produced by Stephenson Blake, the Caslon Letter Foundry, Sheffield

Electrotype Electrotype

Electrotype copy of a triumphal arch, taken from the woodblock original T.2011.56.205, created to illustrate Chambers's Encyclopaedia Second Edition, Volume 1 page 381, 1888 - one of a collection of woodblocks of illustrations used by W&R Chambers, 1830s -early 20th century

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