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Frieze Frieze

Frieze of carved grey stone depicting a seated Buddha surrounded by disciples, probably from a tomb: China, late Ming dynasty, 16th - 17th century

Frieze / fragment Frieze / fragment

Wooden frieze fragment carved in relief with a large-scale Kufic inscription, probably forming part of a Qur'anic inscription: Egypt or Syria, Tulunid or Fatimid, late 2nd - 5th century AH / 9th - 11th century AD

Frieze Frieze

Grey granite frieze carved in relief with figures of Vishnu and attendants: South Asia, India, South Rajasthan, 11th to 12th century

Frieze Frieze

Marble frieze of gods and animals, with Sanskrit inscription: South Asia, India, from a Buddhist temple

Relief Relief

Wall panel in gypsum, carved with the bearded figure of King Ashurnasirpal II on the right standing opposite one of his court officials conducting a religious ceremony, with a summary of the king's conquests in cuneiform script: Ancient Near-Eastern, Assyrian, from Room G in the North-West Palace of Ashurnasirpal II at Nimrud (ancient Kalhu) in northern Iraq, 9th century BC

Frieze / fragment Frieze / fragment

Fragment of a limestone relief showing one of the rear legs of a bull and its tail, in combat with a lion attacking its hindquarters : Persian, Persepolis, from the palace of Artaxerxes I, c.460 BC

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