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Kettle Kettle

Kettle of iron with lid of bronze, cylindrical with movable bow handle, ornamented on one side with Mount Fuji and landscape in low relief, and on the other with a poem: Japan, Kyoto, by Ryubundo, early 20th century

Tbilat Tbilat

Tbilat or kettledrum consisting of a pair of drums of buff earthenware painted with a repeated design in blue over a white tin glaze: Morocco, Fez, 20th century

Kettle Kettle

Model kettle of wood, part of a model oomiak, commissioned by Isobel Wylie Hutchison: Inuit, North America, South Greenland, Nanortalik, c. 1927

Kettle Kettle

Soapstone cooking pot for boiling water, ukkusik, with sinew strings for suspension: Inuit, Melville Peninsula

Kettle Kettle

Brass kettle with a hole in it: Asia, South East Asia, Malaysia, Borneo, Sabah, late 19th - early 20th century

Kettle Kettle

Kettle of lustred porcelain with oblate body and two griffin head spouts: Irish, Fermanagh, Belleek, late 19th century

Kettle lid Kettle lid

Kettle lid of lustred porcelain with knop in form of a Chinese Tantalus figure: Irish, Fermanagh, Belleek, late 19th century

Kettle / model Kettle / model

Model of a rectangular kettle carved from soapstone: North America, Canada, Baffin Island, Cape Dorset, Inuit, collected by John N.S. Buchan, 1938 - 1939

Kettle Kettle

Smarter iKettle, Wi-Fi enabled for remote control via smartphone. Constisting of 2 parts: kettle and stand with controls and electrical cable attached. New in box. Designed by Smarter, England and manufactured in China, 2015

Kettle Kettle

Silver kettle in the Rococo style, by Solomon Saldana, Jamaica, c. 1750 - 1760, Assay Master Anthony Danvers

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