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Lid / leech jar Lid / leech jar

Bell-shaped lid for a leech jar of white glazed earthenware, with a circular collar below and a small moulding below, which are two rows of pierced holes

Lid, teapot Lid, teapot

Red clay teapot lid of Barvas ware, in the shape of a disc to which is applied a long waisted collar to fit inside the pot

Bowl Bowl

Red ceramic bowl with foot and plack rim: Ancient Egyptian, Upper Egypt, Thebes, Qurna, 2nd Intermediate Period, 17th Dynasty, c.1585-1545 BC

Bowl Bowl

Shallow bowl or lid of red pottery: Ancient Egyptian, Upper Egypt, Thebes, Qurna, 2nd Intermediate Period, 17th Dynasty, c.1585-1545 BC

Lid / vessel/ portion Lid / vessel/ portion

Portion of the lid of a vessel, in unglazed earthenware, painted with the figure of an antelope and dog in a hunting scene in black and red: Ancient Egyptian, Middle Egypt, Gurob, Tomb 474, New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, c.1479-1390 BC

Lid Lid

Lid of a vessel of black pottery, with a pierced knob, slight damage: Japan, Musashi province, Mitsusawa shell-mound, Late Jomon, early period, Horinouchi style

Lid Lid

Tea caddy lid of blue and white porcelain with a river scene and heavy gilt bands: China, Qing dynasty, gilded in England, late 18th century

Lid Lid

Lid of incense burner of stoneware with green glaze, with two bird heads overlooking the mouth and metal rings on the shoulders: probably Japan, probably early 20th century AD

Box Box

Oval box of elephant ivory, carved around the edge with an interlocked guilloche pattern, with lid carved with representations of two fighting Portuguese soldiers alongside a coiled pangolin: West Africa, Nigeria, Edo State, Benin, 19th century

Lid, box Lid, box

Lid for a carved wooden medicine or shamans box, finely carved with Victorian decanter on top, and bound with rotan: Asia, South East Asia, Indonesia, Borneo, Ulu Kapuas River, 20th century

Lid Lid

Circular box or basket lid, of woven whale baleen, with a walrus ivory base, bought in a tourist shop in Anchorage: North America, USA, Alaska, Point Barrow, Inupiat, by John Hank, 1994

Lid, freedom casket Lid, freedom casket

Silver freedom box lid with a central oval boss engraved with the arms of the City of Edinburgh, by John Rollo, Edinburgh, 1736 - 1737, presented to Sir John Barnard, M.P.

Lid, miniature basket Lid, miniature basket

Lid of a Tutsi miniature basket of very fine-woven grass: Eastern Africa, Rwanda or Burundi, late 19th or early 20th century

Lid Lid

Lid of white glass, slightly translucent, with faded foliate decoration in gold: Europe, Czechoslovakia, used in West Asia, Iraq, Baghdad, c.1942

Lid Lid

Lid for a basket of woven palm leaf: Pacific Peoples, Fiji, 1970s

Lid, teapot Lid, teapot

Lid for a teapot of transfer printed earthenware made as a souvenir for the centenary of the Ceylon tea industry: English, made by Wedgwood, Staffordshire, 1967

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