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Microphone / mouthpiece Microphone / mouthpiece

Mouthpiece of old microphone, carbon rods missing, 1st half 20th century

Microphone / case Microphone / case

Microphone by Lustraphone in a moulded plastic case

Ribbon microphone Ribbon microphone

B.B.C. ribbon microphone, type AXBT, in a wooden transit case, made by Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd of London

Microphone / tape recorder, cassette Microphone / tape recorder, cassette

Microphone from a cassette tape recorder, made in Holland for Pye Limited of Cambridge, England about 1970

Microphone Microphone

Reslo microphone consisting of a cylindrical mouthpiece mounted on a hinged base screwed to a bakeltie stand, made in England

Microphone Microphone

Iron tripod with spherical microphone on an adjustable brass bracket, probably made in England

Tape recorder Tape recorder

Miniature reel-to-reel tape recorder with an accessory case for earphones and two microphones, made by Aiwa Co. Ltd of Japan, 1960

Record maker Record maker

Pye Record Maker Type 1 with microphone, magnetic record and playback cartidge, by Pye, c. 1960

Microphone Microphone

Hughes microphone with carbon pencil poised between rigid and flexibly-mounted carbon blocks, each block marked S, the flexible mounting a shield-shaped piece of thin veneer suspended from brass brackets on two wood baluster supports, on wood base with two terminals, c. 1879

Microphone Microphone

Microphone, one of a collection of items relating to Sheila Scott, OBE

Sound level meter Sound level meter

Sound level meter in box with microphone head attachment, model TES 1350A, used at Dounreay Nuclear Power Plant, Caithness, Scotland, by TES Electrical Electronic Corporation, Taipei, Taiwan, c. 1998

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